Another day another spate of bomb threats – what’s going on?

As if the first few weeks of the school year weren’t disruptive enough, teachers, students and school staff across the country

As if the first few weeks of the school year weren’t disruptive enough, teachers, students and school staff across the country have had to deal with a series of bomb scares, forcing them to evacuate. Today it was another seven schools in Queensland that received the threatening call, and it follows ten from yesterday and at least nine in Sydney.

This week schools in New South Wales, Victoria, and the ACT were also threatened. Reports have emerged that the threats have now spread overseas, with evacuation occurring in New Zealand and the UK.

While police say there is no real cause for alarm, The Australian reports, and that the phone calls are a hoax, however schools can’t ignore threats like this, no matter how many false alarms there may be, and the only option is to evacuate the school, taking students to school fields or nearby parks. At least one child was taken to hospital with heat exhaustion during Brisbane’s sweltering heat yesterday.

Meanwhile, parents are getting angry about the lack of communication from schools and police, and are being called out of work to take their children home.

A terrorism expert told ABC radio today that the threats do not have the hallmarks of a terrorist attack – not least of all because terrorists don’t usually give warnings before they attack, instead he suggesting it was someone simply “causing mischief”.

Whoever is behind the bomb threats clearly has no regard for others or the time and resources they are wasting. They are achieving exactly what they set out to do: create chaos and disruption.

What’s most concerning is that this whole thing could be the work of students themselves. The Age reports that police are investigating whether some of the calls received in Victoria yesterday could have originated from Nossal High School, a selective school in that state, and whether its telecommunications systems had been hacked.

Could it be a simple case of a high-school prank gone horribly wrong, or is it a coordinated effort? Either way, it’s got to stop.

Are you concerned by these bomb threats that have occurred across the nation and now overseas? What worries you the most?

  1. these people that are pulling these hoaxes are just as bad as the terrorists and should be treated likewise. they are still instilling fear into innocent peopple and should be given more than a slap on the wrist.

    • you will find it is a government exercise, aimed t stirring up fear and unrest………. preparing for the police state that they want

    • Rondel Threadgate is a troll. Disregard all this troublemaker says as the medicine is not being taken. Studied bookkeekping (whatever that is) at Mt Druit TAFE.

  2. What worries me about all this crying wolf is that at some time.. the hoax might be a reality.. and we will all be caught off guard!

  3. Idiots with small or no brains think they are having fun, they will be caught and I hope put away for a long time.

  4. It’s just idiots, my husbands work used to get them years ago. Generally on an afternoon there was cricket on TV. The long suspected culprit left and the hoaxes stopped. It becomes a ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ issue though, if we stop taking the threats quite so seriously that’s when the danger arises. If caught these idiots need to suffer serious repercussions not just a slap on the wrist.

  5. I’m sure these people are sitting back having a good old laugh about this, it’s not funny and I hope if they are caught the LAW MAKES AN EXAMPLE OF THEM and lock them up for a long time!

  6. Imagine how the children feel. How cruel to inflict such horror on these innocent bystanders. SHAME ON YOU.

  7. Who remembers the Woolworths bomber from the 70s? There were a large number of hoaxs then a store on the Sth Coast had a device exploded I think outside the premises. On the 24th December ( Christmas Eve) my Wife and I were among several people outside Woolworths Town Hall when a bomb exploded in the toy dept. I can still remember the panic fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. Lets hope that whoever these bastards are making these calls are not trying to lull people into a false sense of security.

  8. Just idiots with an axe to grind. They’re bored with hacking and spreading internet viruses so they have taken things to another level. If it was Islamic terrorists they would be trying to wear us down and drain our resources.

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