Amanda Vanstone accuses Bill Shorten of making racism issue worse

According to former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, Bill Shorten is “fanning racist fires” and suppressing important debate after he used

According to former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, Bill Shorten is “fanning racist fires” and suppressing important debate after he used a speech on national security and counter-terrorism to attack Peter Dutton’s comments on Lebanese immigration.

You’d recall that Dutton said former PM Malcolm Fraser “made a mistake” when he allowed a large number of Lebanese-Muslim and Vietnamese migrants to come to Australia in the 1970s.

He claimed that two-thirds of the 33 people recently charged with terrorist-related offences in Australia were second- and third-generation Lebanese-Muslims.

However, Vanstone says such comments would have been made by the current immigration minister under advice from his department, and that Fraser’s policy was an example of poor immigration practices from when she was immigration minister with the Howard Government.

During the national security and counter-terrorism speech in Parliament on November 23, Shorten took the opportunity to demand Dutton be “brought into line” for his comments.

“Suggesting it was a mistake to allow a generation of migrants to come to Australia, more than three decades ago, because of the crimes of a tiny handful of their grandchildren, is not just ignorant and insulting,” Shorten says.

It sparked debate with the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, who stepped up to say the opposition leader misrepresented Dutton’s comments.

While the PM took aim at Shorten, Vanstone said the Labor leader has done nothing but reduce the important debate around national security and counter-terrorism to its “lowest common denominator”.

“Given immigration is so important to us — it’s one of our essential characteristics that we’re an immigration nation — any debate should be a frank and truthful one and not used as a cheap political football,” Vanstone told The Australian.

She said by doing this Bill Shorten was “fanning the racist fires”.

What do you think about this — is Bill Shorten making light of an important issue in Australian society? Share your opinions with us.

  1. Guy Flavell  

    No, the mongrel is just doing his usual obstructionist ‘politicking’ and totally wasting Parliament’s time with
    these silly ‘he said, I said’ irrelevancies. Nothing positive or constructive to the healing of the devastating economic
    position that Shorten and his socialist cronies left this country in, due to their total mismanagement of public monies.
    Do something patriotic and bipartisan for once in your miserable life Billy Boy, and support the necessary legislation
    for sensible budgetary repair.

    • The watcher  

      Right….and the facts bear you out? Where do you get you stats? I dont often post against complete morons but you need to do some fact checking.

      • Guy Flavell  

        “The Watcher” … Aaagh, bit of a creepy name. I hope all your neighbours keep their blinds closed at nights ?
        Or perhaps you do your ‘watching’ elsewhere ?
        Why don’t you use your own name on these posts Mate … doing so indicates that you might actually have some courage, a few brains
        and NOTHING TO HIDE !!

  2. Ronin  

    So tired of these monkeys in Parliament, Labor and Coalition, acting like brats in a schoolyard, name calling, “You are, no you are!”. Start acting like adults and give citizens the measured, intelligent debate on policies and philosophies we desperately need. Don’t say No just because the other side says Yes!.

    On reflection I’m probably expecting too much of this current mob, barely a statesman or visionary amongst them. Just snouts in the trough.

  3. John Moon  

    Peter Dutton was absolutely right with what he said on this issue and it’s time Bill Shorten went back to his old job as a union official.

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  4. RC Henry  

    Mr Shorten is only content when creating disharmony and chaos – that training comes from his union background. Just once I’d like to hear Labor (or even the Coalition) compliment the other side for a good idea.

    I agree with Ms Vanstone. We need to have a debate about immigration and the type of immigrants we are allowing into our country. Moslem immigrants generally have less chance of integration and a higher potential for following their Koran accurately which has at least 90 versus that are anti-infidel. (That’s us people!).

    The discussion needs to be a sensible, rational discussion aimed at determining what is best for Australia and Australians.

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