ALDI is growing and now this department store wants to sell groceries

ALDI has been by far one of the fastest growing supermarkets in Australia and that is thanks to their low

ALDI has been by far one of the fastest growing supermarkets in Australia and that is thanks to their low prices and no-frills product offering.

This success has driven other competitors to up their game but now, a department store says that it wants to start playing the supermarket game.

It has been revealed that David Jones is now positioning itself to take over the top end of the grocery market.

“Aldi is there and is taking market share like there’s no tomorrow. They’re not looking to the top end of the market and that’s where we want to be.”

“The transformation is on track and this year again is a huge transformational year with a great deal going on,” said Ian Moir, chief executive of Woolworths Holdings, the South African company that owns David Jones and Country Road, reports SMH.

Mr Moir said plans were ramping up to introduce a top-end grocery offering at David Jones, with one of its top food suppliers working on a fresh food offering and a range of prepared meals close to being finalised.

He added the first trail grocer would open at its Bondi Junction David Jones store this year with more stores following along with some standalone outlets.

“Within three years we’ll have a reasonable-sized and profitable food business within David Jones,” he said.

How do you think this will turn out? Would you want to pay premium price if quality is high?

  1. ken morgan  

    only going back to the old days when they sold high end groceries in every store warringah mall had a food hall ground floor

  2. Trish Bolton  

    They also had a food hall in their Wollongong store, closed it down because profits were down, so why would David Jones think they could make it work now when they only have one store in the area ? Plus there is no way there prices could or would compete with Aldi. Just another giant wanting more. Leave Aldi to do what they do best and look after the folks that can’t afford high prices. Speaking as a pensioner.

  3. Pam Rath  

    Loved David Jones food hall in the past and would love to see them open up again. Grace Bros used to have a supermarket in their stores also.

  4. Janis  

    DJ’s just reverting to their original ‘Food Halls’, which they stupidly scrapped years’ ago, more’s the pity!

    When they existed, it reminded me of going to ‘Harrods’, such was the Display of all the wonderful ‘hard to get’ products’, which nobody else bothered to stock!

    Good, I’m glad they’re doing this, but P L E A S E have attending staff to SERVE customers’, not like now, at my local store, where you could ‘fire a rifle’, & not hit a customer, OR. a staff member, as both are non-existent!
    Many’s the time I’ve been standing at a counter, with an item I wish to buy; & I have to ‘speed dial’ their Switchboard, & ASK for a staff person to come, & TAKE my money!

    There’s an old business ‘maxim’…..’You’ve got to SPEND money to MAKE money’, & that includes having STAFF to serve customers’………..funny about that……………

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