Aldi caves to shoppers’ demands after social media backlash

It was only a few weeks ago that Aldi’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints for selling caged eggs to

It was only a few weeks ago that Aldi’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints for selling caged eggs to its customers and now the supermarket giant has officially agreed to phase them out.

Aldi says it will slowly stop selling caged eggs and by 2025 they will be completely gone from its stores.

Animals Australia spearheaded the campaign against Aldi, racking up thousands of views on a video showing people how the chickens who supply the eggs are treated.

Viewers were left shocked and distraught after seeing the living conditions of the chickens, with some even reduced to tears.

The campaign also targeted Woolworths, but it was Aldi who really took the brunt of it.

Angry customers wrote thousands of messages to Aldi, saying they would stop shopping there if they refused to get rid of the caged eggs.

Coles has already stopped selling cage eggs from their Coles-branded range and has reduced the price of their free-range eggs to make it more affordable for customers.

Aldi has been hugely popular with shoppers ever since it opened in Australia with people loving the low prices and alternative products.

The backlash from Animals Australia was threatening to tarnish their image though as the organisation went to great lengths to pressure Aldi into making the change.

Two weeks ago they erected giant signs in Aldi carparks showing a chicken locked in a cage with the phrase: ‘She can’t take the ‘supermarket switch’ challenge’.

In a statement on its Facebook page, Aldi said it had heard the cries of the people and was ready to take action.

“We’ve listened to our customers and we are committed to working with our suppliers towards transitioning to 100% cage-free eggs by no later than 2025,” they wrote.

Are you happy to see this change at Aldi? Do you think Aldi was right to listen to its customers?

  1. jeff delaney  

    what a load of bulls it .what about cattle locked in feedlots ,no grass in there.why dont you people get a you wont be able to have caged birds at home.dont try and force your beliefes onto the rest of us.minority win again.and shame on over 60 for letting them hijack your page.

    • Gazzer  

      And don’t forget all of the salmon and trout that is fish farmed in pens, all of the oysters that are forced to be caged in baskets and not allowed to be on the ocean floor now there is something else to go after.

    • Annhoyt Mitchell  

      I quite agree, there are caged animals everywhere…caged chickens are well cared for and feed and produce eggs no different to uncaged chickens. They are complaining over things that are not important, what about the people who are homeless and have no food…how about voice your disapproval and dislike for that!!!! those chickens are feed and have roofs over their heads…what about the people!!!! the poor who cannot afford a place to live and sleep out in the streets!!! fight for them instead!!! Your priority is arse side up!! I buy both eggs caged or free range….give me a break!!!

      • Vicki  

        So that makes it alright!?!?
        Are you a nutter?
        It’s like saying that there are alot of abused kids out there so why are you making a fuss. Seriously – educate yourself!!

    • Yes one day after a real cold spell and thousands of chickens die over night.
      The idiots will say they should of been in a shed .

  2. What a pack of hypocrites! I haven’t seen them protesting with placards outside Coles or Woolworth supermarkets. Are Aldi the only ones that sell caged eggs? Why single them out for special treatment? It’s a pity chickens get more protest time than homeless people, or is that because they aren’t caged?

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree Ted. How bloody stupid. What about Coles and Woolworths, even IGA. They sell caged eggs. Aldi always listen to their customers. Coles and Woolworths don’t.

    • Kay clayton  

      Agree 100percent,why just target Aldi,you have the choice as to wether you buy free range or cage eggs,Whole lot of rubbish,would love to know who’s behind it.

  3. Aileen Ferguson  

    Yes here we go again, now what’s going to happen to the price of eggs & how about those who can barely afford eggs now, and will buy caged eggs because they are a bit cheaper. Like the previous comments on beef & feedlots are these do gooders going after them next. Come on wake up, I don’t like to see birds locked up either so maybe some adjustments to the way the industry runs is needed. Yes go march on Coles, Aldi, IGA, Seven 11 & any corner store that sells caged eggs.

  4. Joy Anne Bourke  

    How true Jeff. I have not seen signs or protestors outside either of Aldi. They should also be outside of Coles, Woolworths and IGA

  5. Deanna  

    Does it really matter, caged eggs not good idea but haven’t we got more serious problems in the world.

  6. des schultz  

    caged egg picked up daily = fresh
    free ranged eggs picked up when they find them could be days sitting in the sun =rotten eggs
    free range eggs need to opened on a saucer to c if they are bad or not
    in my day they they were all free ranged eggs on the farm
    caged eggs should be sold in a pair then u would not have to throw out so many bad ones


  7. Gloria Flynn  

    Looks like no eggs in my trolly $$$$$$$ can only go so far will have to compromise

  8. mary  

    I dont like being forced into buying so called organic or free range eggs that cost more. Will be putting chooks in my back garden from here on. I,d really like to see some genuine work on ridding abuse of children. Guess we should cage them too before anything is done.

  9. I Just bought caged eggs from Coles on-line. It’s a lot of rubbish anyway, They can re-label them or if they destroy them it doesn’t change a thing the chooks remain in cages that’s their life it’s all they know. Look out for gigantic price rise in eggs thanks to ‘do-gooders’!

  10. Thela  

    absolute rubbish ( not the word I want to use) Caged eggs are available all supermarkets. I for one, cannot tafford the prïce they charge for “free range” eggs, so I guess I will “phase them”out of my shopping list. Loss of income folks! Think before caving to idiots please

  11. Mary  

    I agree. Free range eggs are not high on my list. Abused children and the homeless are more important than chooks!
    Time you do gooders got your priorities in order!

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