Aldi accused of racism

Just yesterday Aldi was being praised by shoppers around the country for listening to older customers’ requests and refusing to

Just yesterday Aldi was being praised by shoppers around the country for listening to older customers’ requests and refusing to install self-serve checkouts.

Now the supermarket giant has had to face accusations of racism over a new radio advertisement.

The Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has received complaints over the ad promoting the companies new whiskey range.

The ad opens with the sound of bagpipes before a Scottish man with a very strong accent introduces himself as the head distiller of Aldi’s Highland Earl Scotch Whisky.

A woman with an English accent then talks over him and translates, despite his protests that he is speaking English.

The ASB received complaints about the advertisement, saying it is racist towards Scottish people.

One complaint read: “Advertisements like this perpetuate the stereotype that as a nation we cannot be understood,” the complainant said.

“This should be taken in the context of would it be acceptable to put an interpreter on an advert for an Aboriginal product? No! There would be uproar. Why is it acceptable to be racist towards the Scottish?”

The complain has been dismissed by the ASB, but not before it draw the attention of shoppers around the country.

It has raised the argument that Australia has become too politically correct, to the point where people can’t make a light-hearted joke without facing some sort of backlash.

Others have backed the complainant, saying there should be a one-size-fits-all approach to these kinds of issues.

What do you think about the Aldi advertisement? Is it racist, or has this been blown out of proportion?

  1. Charles  

    Sick and tired of the bleeding hearts looking for something new to whinge about every day.

  2. Christine Moreau  

    I realy wish people would get a life & stop looking for some excuse to use the word racist

  3. Catham  

    I think jokes at any other person’s expense are NT funny whether ethnicity based or not. Might be to do with a person’s size, disability etc,. I never laugh at those jokes.

    • david  

      I always laugh at them. Funny is funny, it doesn’t matter whether its politically correct or not.

  4. What a load of rot, what has happened to the Australian sense of humor, political correctness is going too far. Haven’t these idiots got anything better to do than to try and find racism in everything that is said and done. Makes my blood boil

    • Derek  

      At least complainant could write English.

  5. Betty Hutchinson  

    These whingers need to get out more and get a life if they can’t see the funny side of the ad they need too turn off their communication

  6. Brenda  

    “… as a nation we cannot be understood,” Well they can’t! Just listen to the cops and robbers TV shows based in Scotland – I can’t understand a word of what they say – I’ve given up watching!

    • Yes I sometimes need an interpreter too. But if people can’t understand my Aussie accent I don’t take offense I just repeat more slowly until they get it.

  7. What rubbish! How many TV series or even films have had sub titles because of the strong accents eg. Glasgow.
    The Scots were never very good at taking the micky out off themselves, good at doing it to everyone else though! Ask me I come from the North of England!

    • facebook_elda.quinton  

      Excuse me, as an expat Scot, I take offence at your statement that the Scots can’t laugh at themselves. Your own accent from the North isn’t easy to understand for people who are not used to it.

    • Excuse me, I am Scottish & we take the mickey out of ourselves all the time. I have never objected to being called “jock” or a “haggis basher ” & we always perpetuate the myth that we are mean & tight fisted. As an example the joke about copper wire being invented by two Scotsmen fighting over a penny.

  8. Marj Camp  

    Australia has become such a Nanny State that people have lost their sense of humour, dear god there is nothing wrong with the ad……lighten up people.

  9. Pauline Radonic  

    What a load of Aussie croc poop, or do I need a translator for that, ha ha, my goodness there is just no fun anymore.

  10. Penny  

    There should definitely NOT be a ‘one size fits all approach’ . As far as I know the Scots are not a minority group and have notbeen displaced ,persecuted or had their children taken from them just because they are Scottish. I think that is why we can make fun of a Scottish accent but not an Aboriginal person. We wouldn’t make fun of a Jewish person…same thing…as a group their history is one of dreadful persecution by Hitler. I understand the Scottish person being offended, Aussies are pretty good at laughing at ourselves but many other peoples don’t share the same values.

    • james  

      Penny read your history or watch Braveheart. The British destroyed Scotland way back in the 1300’s.

    • Graham  

      Penny, I think you should learn something about Scotich history if you don’t think they have been mistreated over the centuries. I am od scotish decent and have not lost the ability to have a laugh at my own expense.

      • Graham  

        Another area to look at is the highland clearances in the 1700’s

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