Alan Jones unleashes on the Turnbull Government

First it was Tony Abbott, now radio host Alan Jones has slammed the Turnbull Government.
Alan Jones has slammed the Turnbull Government on radio this morning, telling his listeners that the government deserves to be "smashed" at the next election.

Radio host Alan Jones isn’t one to hold back on air, and he certainly wasn’t holding back on the Turnbull Government this morning.

On his popular show on Radio 2GB, Jones went to town on the Turnbull Government in response to a manifesto by Tony Abbott, published in The Daily Telegraph.

If you missed Jones’ show, he declared that the government deserved to be “smashed” at the next election.

“I tell you what. These people just deserve to be smashed in an election to make them wake up,” he said.

And in a later interview with Fairfax Media the long-time supporter of the Liberals and Nationals didn’t hold back.

He pointed to the election results in Western Australia and by-elections in New South Wales, in which the Liberals and Nationals were handed big losses.

“There’s a golden rule, whether it’s in sport or politics: people will only repair the house when it’s burnt down. And it seems that these people are waiting for the house to be burnt down,” The Age reports he said.

“They don’t understand. They’re being smashed everywhere.”

The focus on the Turnbull Government’s performance has been reignited by Abbott’s manifesto, which pointed out how the government could fix itself and declared Australians were “sick of politicians”.

Jones was in Abbott’s corner, claiming the government had failed to listen to his “valuable feedback”.

“Everything Abbott says is toxic according to them. I mean he only won 25 seats from the Labor Party at the 2013 election,” the Age reports he said.

What do you think? Do you agree with what Alan Jones had to say?


  1. Jan  

    Well I tell you what. As a pensioner I am fed up with their attitude towards us pensioners. Saying we are entitled and that we should sell our homes. He is not winning the older peoples votes that’s for sure.
    The little amount they give us compared to what they take out of the government purse for themselves is disgusting . Let them try to live on what they give us as a wage and see how they survive, and without all their travels as well.

    • Evelyn Hampton  

      I was reading that the Government is now thinking of scrapping Meals On Wheels because it’s costing to much & yet they keep on borrowing huge amounts to give to overseas Countries ,Indonesia for one who spent $8 billion on their Army & we get further into debt borrowing to give it to Indonesia .Our elderly need this service .

    • Viv Halaska  

      I don’t like them either, but they have definitely NOT told pensioners to sell their homes.

    • Mrs T  

      I agree but this is no matter which Government is in , the age pension is way below what is required for a relaxing retirement. The Welfare budget is upside down , we are paying more to kids leaving school than to people who worked all their young lives and beyond to fund it .I am in my sixties and it makes me sad that I no longer can step in to my next phase of life with ease

  2. The watcher  

    Nothing this rabid old queen says is relevant or worthy of notice. Very much like his protege mad Sir Rabbott of waringah. Off their trolleys and nasty bits of work.

    • Robert connell  

      yeah yeah and everything shorty says is gospel eh. fool!

      • The watcher  

        Sorry to burst your bubble of fantasy, I dont support Labor either.

    • Carmen  

      Typical of a Labor Goose…..Alan Jones and Tony Abbott ARE SPOT ON with their comments. YOUR COMMENT MR. WATCHER IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE AND IRRELEVANT.

      • The watcher  

        See above. I wish you well in your land of fantasy and blue rinse dreams.

    • Delta Papa  

      The Watcher, not sure where you watch but it must be dark. Our nation had a chance of recovering when we elected the Abbott Govt in 2013. It had been in a long slide to bankruptcy started by KRudd; & then the Senate & the ALP sabotaged every important piece of legislation put up by the Abbott Govt & the media finished things off by painting Abbott as a failure. Then the mutiny led by Turnbull tipped us into the sea. Who would you like to see running the country??

      • The watcher  

        You dont understand economics do you. Its not a corner shop or a home budget. The current mob of incompetents have turned a small manageable deficit and the strong economy coming out of the GFC into a basket case with a revord debt of their making. They have spurned opportunities to tax the richest corporations at a fair level, spurned opportunities to ensure that the 645 richest companies pay ANY tax at all…instead they gave attacked pensioners, mums, families and let the fat cats grow fatter. Take your nose out of the murdochrochity tripe and see what damge has been done since 2014.

  3. Eileen Heatley  

    I am nit a liberal voter, but i did think when Mr Turnbull took the reins there would be an improvement, but it has gone from bad to REAL bad. It seems that the low income earners and us pensioners are, as always the losers, can you tell me why? Stop the high wages you pay yourselves, yes, ALL OF YOU POLITICIANS, stop the travel rorts, stop ALL rorts in every single aspect, its the tax payers money you are spending, not yours! We are not the ones that have the sense of entitlement……….you have and it sinks!

    • Trish Bolton  

      Totally agree Eileen Heatley, and a pensioner myself we let them walk all over us and we don’t have a voice from anyone else to help us either. Seems the sooner we are all underground the better the government will like it.

    • Adrian Mackellar  

      Dont forget they dont set the wages and it is all politicians its the set rate, a few hundred pollies, what most forget is what some of the thousands of public servants and staff receive and what they do for it that where the real rort and waste is , don’t for get we are in the land entitlement, the land of we want the government to fix our debt but god help you if you effect ME ,some out there who have not put in much want the lot, and some out there who have the lot but want more, I have a relative complaining about what they receive and they have records kept of all there lives they are good people, i asked them to put together what taxes they have paid there entitlements take out a % e,g contributions running the country hospitals schools defense ect, this weekend we caught up he is 85 we had a good laugh he had completed it and he enjoyed the task, he admitted they where receiving far more than they had contributed . we will find something else to talk about keeps him going

  4. Stephen  

    !st I would like to say that the extra ads on the right of screen that sit over what we write is completely
    Before Jones was famous he was a script writer for Fraser during the time the
    “Dole Bludgers” phrase was coined. For him to slam a right wing government in Australia
    it says they are REALLY bad.

  5. I don’t have much time for Alan Jones, but he’s spot on. I’m an ex LNP voter. With the antics of this apology for a govt, I won’t be voting for them again.

  6. gene  

    i,m 62 and after being a union member all my working life and voting labor,One Nation will be the only party to vote for.Why are we selling off Australia to china,and funding India.both country s deny Foreigners the ability to buy property in their countrys.

    • Mel  

      Take back Australia. Vote Pauline Hanson One Nation. She is our only hope.

  7. Peteozi  

    Like him or loathe him Alan Jones is 100% right in his assessment of Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull will lead the Liberals to a massive defeat at the next election if they do not wake up to his left leaning policy. He does not listen to anyone, soon there will be no one left to lisen to, they will join Pauline Hanson.

  8. Vicky Vassallo  

    I never voted LNP always voted for LAP but with what is going on in this country
    I would not vote for either unless Tony Abbott is back in as our prime minister.
    Never thought I would say that but at least he does listen to the Australian people.
    My vote will probably go to one nation. I don’t like the way these parties back stab a
    Voted in prime minister the people spoke. And selling of Australia of is so not right.

    • Rhonda Bock  

      I could never vote for any party which includes Tony Abbott- Have a good think people, he’s barely a hairs width better. I’ not impressed with any of them to be honest. I’ll watch Mr Zenophon but am nowhere near making up my mind.

    • Adrian Mackellar  

      PM’s are not voted in, i have meet Mr Abbott he is a good man, but did not pass the pub test that night i would not vote for him

  9. Lyn Dyke  

    Isn’t is curious that the likes of Mr Jones and Tony Abbott are lining up to bag the federal Govt.?I reckon a lot of people are reacting against the last election in which the mess of an obstructionist Senate was meant to be fixed, and now we seem to see various members of the Govt turning against the likeable but ineffectual leader, Captain Disappointment.Of all the reforming legislation that Tony proposed in the 2014 budget, the actual pitiful achievements has been fraught with compromises from the , surprise surprise obstructionist Senate.So much for the assurances from Tony that he wouldn’t interfere, to quote from the immortal poets of pop, Crowded House” You can tell a man from what he has to say” .Maybe my dear old Mum was right , she used to say”Empty barrels make the most noise”

    • Rhonda Bock  

      Lyn Duke- I totally agree with you!

      • Kaye  

        If I recall I read in Social Media where Alan Jones bagged Tony Abbott when he was PM too. Wouldn’t give any of them time of day on any side of politics. Shame there are not more of Ted Mac’s ilk

  10. fred kovaleff  

    I am totally disgusted with turnbull’s govt,- they have allowed many major and strategic assets of AUSTRALIA to have been continually be sold off to overseas interests; they claim that welfare benefits to pensioners are not sustainable YET THEY IMPORT A MIGRATION OF SO CALLED ASYLUM SEEKERS WHO WILL NEVER INTERGRATE INTO OUR SOCIETY, and they bend over backwards for them, even when they continually rort govt benefits and continually commit crimes for which are smacked on the wrist for; they impose a revised income/assets test on pensioners which resuled in thousands having their payments reduced – yet they continue to rort the system themselves; they DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE WAN, and the list goes on & on. after having voted for liberals for over 40years, they will NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN

    • Joe Costello  

      Turnbull imports muslims into Australia who worship the paedophile mohammud – the muslims want ‘sharia law ‘ as the law of the land , to replace the laws we have here right now. mohammud married a 6 year young child , raped her when she was 9 , he had over 100 sex slaves , he killed hundreds of people – AND the muslims want us to worship this evil , satanic, demonic mohammud – turnbull & his ministers would win the next election if they stopped muslims entering Australia , threw out those that are rebelling against our own laws , do not pay social security to a muslim with 4 -5 wives with 20 children , export them back to where they came from – let their own country look after them , not the Australian tax payer.

  11. Jon stuart  

    I haven’t forgiven abbot for his captains choice in prince Phillip. You would be a fool to listen to him or Turnbull.chuck em out I say

  12. Vic  

    I was a LNP voter all my life. I’m now prepared to wear an ALP govt for a term just to get Turnbull and his backstabbers gone from the Party. Especially Morrison who just took what little pension I got off me.

    • Donald morrison  


      • The watcher  

        Thats right. Foreigners coming in boats, stealing our land, raping our women, massacreing our people. Kiling our language and heritage, before you know it we will be second class citizens in our own country, …oh wait……

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