After claiming to support dairy farmers, Pauline Hanson has a lot to explain

Earlier this year, Pauline Hanson was slamming the big supermarkets for not supporting Australian dairy farmers. However, in a video

Earlier this year, Pauline Hanson was slamming the big supermarkets for not supporting Australian dairy farmers. However, in a video posted to her Facebook page on Monday, the newly-elected senator was seen making a cup of tea as she spoke to the camera – and she appeared to be using Coles branded milk.


After suppliers slashed gate prices and threw the dairy industry into turmoil, there was national outrage and multiple calls to take action. Pauline was one to demand a full investigation into the prices dairy farmers were receiving from the big chains. “When you can pay $3.50 for half a litre of water and you’re paying $1 for a litre of milk it doesn’t make sense but this has gone on for so long it’s ridiculous,” she told Queensland Country Life.

“I would pay another 50c a litre for my milk, if it went straight to the dairy farmers. Unless we start supporting our dairy farmers we won’t have them anymore and where will our milk come from then?,” she added.

It’s no wonder then, after all that, that many commenters on her Facebook page pointed out the milk situation.


One commenter questioned, “a bit off topic, but I just wondered what brand of milk is that you’re using?? Hope it’s not the cheap stuff!” while another stated, “Did anyone else notice that she’s buying the cheap arse Coles milk? Whilst we are all supporting Australian farmers….please explain.”

See the video below:

What do you think, was she being a hypocrite?

  1. What an utter bullcrap story, surely there are better things to report and comment on, like Hinch refusing to vote and contribute to democracy in this country, then having the bare faced cheek to stand for office

  2. Helen morgan  

    Disappointed in Starts at 60 for participating in this rubbish,you can’t see the label on the milkand even if she had for some reason used it,does it matter? I’ve had to buy coles brand this week as they were out of dairy farmers. Please be reasonable people.

  3. John  

    Haven’t you got anything better to comment on this week. The election results and the muddle that will follow. I don’t necessarily support her, but give her a break. Our supermaket wss out of Dairy Farmers tecently. I’m deleting you from my list.

  4. Ian Wilson  


  5. Maree cutting  

    Looks like a Office kitchen who said she brought the Milk, agree with other post we do not need this Pauline bashing.

  6. getting quite fed-up with this Pauline Bashing ,she was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE , get over it if you don,t like her ,move on ,for goodness sake !!!!

  7. force  

    Who cares. Really there is so much more to worry about.

  8. force  

    Milk is milk!! It comes from a cow, goat, sheep what ever. To find something as trivial as this to comment about is beyond comprehension. What about the lies each of the parties have been feeding us over the last 12 months. Oh yeah thats right its spilt milk, and we don’t cry over spilt milk now do we??

  9. Patrise Dowling  

    Buying the expensive milk, unless it comes from the farm gate or a co op of dairy farmers will mean the extra profits go back to the big companies. NOT the dairy farmers. Woolies and Coles don’t sell this milk as quantities are too small.

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