Accuse Donald Trump and it’s a lawsuit for you

In the last few decades, it was revealed that US Republican Nominee for President Donald Trump has been involved in

In the last few decades, it was revealed that US Republican Nominee for President Donald Trump has been involved in thousands of lawsuits. So it shouldn’t come to any surprise that the women that have accused the former reality TV star of sexual assault should look forward to court.

“Every one of these liars will be sued once the election is over,” Trump pledged to the media before adding, “I look so forward to doing that.” While Trump was supposed to be giving a speech about what he would do for the country when he possibly takes the Top US Job but it was his personal plans that took centre stage.

Ten women have now come forward and accused the Presidential Nominee of unwanted advances or sexual assault. However, Trump is adamant that “Every woman lied” and that it was all to hurt his campaign.

During the speech it wasn’t only the women that got him upset but all the “corrupt” media that he claims are fabricating stories that are intended to make Trump “look as bad and dangerous as possible”.

When Trump did return to the reason for his speech he continued his attack on Hillary Clinton. He again claims that she shouldn’t even legally be allowed to run because of the legal questions still hovering around her email scandal.

Only time will tell if the calm approach that Clinton is taking while Trump continues to claim that the election is “rigged against him” will work as Americans ready themselves for what will be one of the most explosive elections in history.

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  1. Mary  

    Looks like America has its own version of Clive Palmer!

    • Kathryn  

      Worse than Clive Palmer. Glad I’m not an American

  2. Joan Marshall  

    I would be so happy when Donald Trump takes the liars of women to Court and teach them a lesson for lies and money making. The Democats like the Labor Party in Australia will stoop to anything to gain power and make money. The Liberals in Australia are no Saints but the Labor Party are questionable more often than the Liberals. If I was living in America I would never vote Democrat because their ethos is all for one one for all while they fill their own pockets and encourage the drop outs of Society.

    • colin  

      Joan Marshall, How do you know the women are liars. none of whom have asked for money. You think a person who has bankrupted many businesses, does not pay taxes, has stated quite clearly about what to do with women’s parts, You really think he is worthy of any ones vote? encourage drop outs.. I think they are the unemployed and homeless. hmmmmmmm … I don’t know what Australian party have to do with it but The liberals are no saints???????? its ok for them to kill the pensions and medicare rebates, its ok for them to have Tampa’s , its ok for them to trample over anyone who dares earn less than 100k but the Labor party are more questionable for standing up for peoples rights and equal opportunity. by the way have a comparison labor and liberal WOMEN in the party! In Facebook terms you are a troll

  3. Pamela  

    Hillary has been paying these liars because she is desperate.

    One has already backed off.

    Another had a witness to show she was the aggressor and was upset because she got rebuffed.

    The truth will out!

  4. Elaine Henderson  

    I am at a loss to explain why some of the people who have responded here think that trump has been wronged. The man is a disgusting piece of excrement who should be wiped off the shoe of the USA in November and yet there are still people who are accusing the Democrats and Clinton of paying these women. It would make me laugh if it wasn’t so stupid and sad.

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