A new low in the Woolworths milk war?

Woolworths and Coles have been in a so-called milk war for a few years now, but the recent backlash from

Woolworths and Coles have been in a so-called milk war for a few years now, but the recent backlash from customers has meant they’ve had to change their model a bit. But it seems Woolies may not have got the memo, and has again drawn the ire of consumers who want to support farmers.

In a bid to sell off rapidly expiring milk bottles, Woolworths have slashed 2L bottles down to as low as 25c a litre, outraging shoppers.

A photo from Woolworths’ Redlands store showed the discounted two-litre bottles of home brand skim milk going for 50c each (or 25c a litre).

“Hey Woolies people, can you tell me which stores are selling milk for $0.50 for 2 litres? You should be ashamed of yourselves. ‪#‎Shame‬,” one commenter wrote.

Woolworths’ response: “Hey Lisa, due to the close expiry date, these items are being sold at $0.50 to clear the unused stock.”

But that was the wrong move… another commenter asked: “Why don’t you donate this milk (before it goes out of date!) to charity or Salvos Food Vans or Anglicare Shelters for the homeless and needy who could truly use it!?”.

It’s a blow considering the dire straits our dairy producers are now in. They’ve already been left hundreds of dollars in debt by Murray Goulburn and Fonterra.

Coles and Woolworths have been reprimanded by industry and customers alike, leading to a boycott on Homebrand milk, which in turn has caused this latest price cut.

It seems that there are no winners so far, but it is interesting to see so many people supporting the farmers who provide for Australians.

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  1. James Maclean  

    Hey Coles and Woolworths I have tried your home branded milk and it is Sub-par to the other Brands (it’s like Water) give a decent Dollar to the farmers for a decent product for a fair price and you will have a winning scheme and Loyal customers

    • harry  

      Cheers , time to bring the big two super markets back down to earth !!!

  2. so who started this situation, Woolies or Coles or the wholesalers? Find out who screwed the Farmers, who has gauged the farmers all in the name of *profit*. What are we a country of Ferengi’s.? When you find out screw the buggers!

    • jan crawford  

      Home brand ***milk**** is reconstituted cassien man u factured dried milk powder. A *formula* mixed ..with wster ***creates WHITE WATER … in a thickness to **re semble*** milk…… so its a claytons “milk”.

  3. Michael Cole  

    Simple solution…Boycott all supermarkets for milk purchases and see how quickly they fall into line…Coles and Woolworths started this war for one simple reason …Market share…They don’t care who they hurt in the process so maybe it’s time the consumers taught them a lesson My local Woolworths store Patterson Lakes WOULDN’T put the branded milk on the shelf all week instead deciding to make customers buy their cheap milk

    • Our local Coles took almost every other brand off their shelves, brands that I always buy. My solution? I live in dairy country, so found a local producer with their own dairy facility. They supply to local shops (not the big supermarkets), so it looks like the large dairy suppliers have lost another customer.

      • Pauline Wilson  

        Only buy local even if I have to go to smaller shops.

  4. instead of bleating about it open your wallets & purses & buy the more expensive milk that will speak plenty, then they either have throw it out donate it , but please be mindful of the less fortunate they have to count every dollar,

    • Tamra  

      We can’t buy what they aren’t stocking. This is about forcing them to dispose of stock we refuse to buy in a charitable way and replacing it with stock that is priced in a way that Aussie farmers get paid fairly.

      One voice Australia!

  5. Woolies and Coles always sell short dated milk very cheap. This part of the story is a non event. Anyway, humans should not drink the milk of other animals and dairy cows should not be treated like they are – like humans, cows only produce milk after they have given birth, and dairy cows must give birth to one calf per year in order to continue producing milk. Typically they are artificially inseminated within three months of giving birth..

  6. wyn williams  

    Coles Woolies donate all your milk to the needy….

  7. Damien  

    Yes humans dont need milk after the age of 2. And if everyone was faridinkum and not just following the cause of the day and feeling good for 2 secs liking a page, you would boycott the supermarket completely.
    And shop only at bakeries/butchers/grocers. Um sure they are in a similar situation.
    Anyways 95% of whats sold in a supermarket is artificial, full of sugar leading to obesity, diabetes and poor health.

  8. Wayne Bollard  

    Sell your woollies and coles shares (superannuation as well) or YOU are part of the problem…

  9. Jazz  

    If the consumers brought the farmers milk in the first place the situation wouldn’t have got this bad. The customers are he ones that want everything cheaper. Are all these customers going to continue to support the farmers or go back to the home brand milk wince the media is done with this story?!

    • Tamra  

      I think you’ll find large numbers keep it up now that this campaign had helped them including me understand what’s going on. Same as caged eggs. .. sure some still buy them, but overall people prefer and will buy non caged.

      Awareness is essential. .

  10. Not a Follower  

    I can hardly support myself and my three children let alone contemplate supporting anyone else. I’m in awe of all those silly people ghat are happy to waste their time and petrol going from supermarket to supermarket just to buy products to that will support the farmers. Km just glad that there is still homebrand milk in abundance for people like me that would rather save a buck and pay $1 per litre for milk. Knowing now that both Coles and Woollies are dropping their prices on milk that is close to use by date is an added bonus as well consider we go through at least 3lts of milk a day. I can happily say that I’m a winner this milk war.

    • Helen Williams  

      It’s true! Some people are on a very tight budget and cheap bread and milk mean full tummies.

    • Lynn  

      You and your children would be awfully hungry without the farmers! The milk and food doesn’t just grow on the shelves in the supermarket!

      • Maybelle  

        What a smart arse reply!

        Do you even bother to think that there’re many people, including Pensioners’, who don’t have the money to pay more than $1/litre for milk?

        MYOB, & let people buy what they can afford to buy!

    • Margaret  

      Ignorance of the long term issues.

    • Tamra  

      There will always be a need for low priced staples. .. but the people who can afford that extra dollar will hopefully spend it now that they understand how the milk is priced.

    • bob  

      if a fair price is not paid there will be no milk or it will become in such short supply your broke ass will never afford it. you will be the LOOSER

  11. Hopefully they are not clawing back the losses from the Dairy Farmners- wouldn’t put it past them

  12. It’s only happened since all the sheep jumped on the bandwagon. Our store always marked down the short coded farmers milk but now it has changed to the Woolworths milk. In a few weeks everyone will have forgotten and gone back to what they normally buy. Boycott Woollies and Coles, do you think they will care? Doesn’t matter what they do people will always blame the supermarkets. Buying both sorts of milk will help all the farmers. Because at the end of the day the cheap milk has to come from somewhere.

    • Tamra  

      Farmers dont get paid enough for the cheap milk. Remember this was caused by the manufactures cutting the price they would pay and back dating that pay cut so that the farmers owed THEM money for milk they had already supplied! This is about getting supermarkets to support the people and not their own pockets.

      You may say sheep, but so be it. .. we are making a difference and farmers are staying in business because of it

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