A big change to milk is coming… but will we stomach it?

Forget $1 milk or all the different brands – this is one huge change to the dairy industry we didn’t

Forget $1 milk or all the different brands – this is one huge change to the dairy industry we didn’t see coming…

It’s no secret that dairy farmers are struggling right now to compete with the big supermarkets, and there’s one big idea being put forward that could release some of the strain: milk different animals.

According to Mypolonga dairy farmer Corey Jones, he got about $0.25 per litre for cows’ milk but now he’s switched to buffalo he now receives $3.05 per litre.

“It’s always been a dream since I was a kid to run the farm,” Mr Jones told ABC Rural.

“I never thought I’d be milking buffalos, but I am”.

Mr Jones milks 20 buffalo twice a day and feeds them a combination of powdered and buffalo milk.

“[They’re] a better milking breed than what I currently have,” Mr Jones said.

And as for the taste and quality? Woodside cheese maker Kris Lloyd said there was growing demand for buffalo cheese as the milk was high in solids.

“It is just the most beautiful milk to work with,” she said. “It is just such rich, beautiful milk.”

Now, there’s a push from the Dairy Authority of South Australia to standardise health and safety milking requirements so more camels, yaks and even donkeys being milked in the state.

Should we do away with the notion that milk should just come from cows? According to the Dairy Authority’s general manager, regardless of the milk source, a standardised health benchmark was important for consumer health.

“If you want to milk camels… or llama or yaks or donkeys or horses… the requirements should be the same,” he said.

So, we want to know today: Would you drink milk from an animal other than a cow? Does it matter or do you feel better know it’s cow’s milk?

  1. Margie  

    It would make sense instead of just eradicating some of them as we do now. Farm them, create jobs?

  2. Brian Lee  

    I don’t see why not – after all, milk is basically milk isn’t it; as long as the flavour isn’t radically different from what we’re used to, what’s the worry

  3. Herma  

    I’d have to taste it first. THEN decide if I would drink it.

  4. will this new milk go the way of cows milk where by its just water with white food colouring added??

  5. Hels  

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my conservative nature & live in the 19th century

  6. Ric Allberry  

    Short answer; Yes. But… it would depend a lot on flavour, wouldn’t it? I mean that some milks from animals other than cows may be a bit strong or different from that which we are used to. Take soy milk, for instance. I have tried soy milk, and find it too different for my taste. How different is buffalo milk from cows’ milk? what effect would that flavour difference have on foods cooked with milk, such as pancakes, oats, quiche, etc? It might require a shift in thinking about what we find “tasty” and what is just awful. So, I guess I would try a different animal milk – with reservations.
    But then the regulators would step in and demand all sorts of things that would have an effect on the end product. I remember well, a few years ago going up to Nanango for some show or other, and went in to the local grocery and buying a bottle of local full-cream milk, which had more flavour than any I had had since my childhood when I could drink milk straight from the cow! That milk was just as good as that, but since then I have seen the same milk in a city store, and it had been homogenised and pasteurised and the flavour just wasn’t the same.
    So. Yes, I would try other milks, but ….

  7. Jenny Puglisi  

    XLNT! Goats milk has been available for generations and comes under the same regulations as cows milk, any other type of milk should also be monitored under the same Health Act. Great options for those who are intolerant of cows milk products and also makes a greater variety of cheeses available. Yum! 😉

  8. Pamela  

    As long as the milks were named so consumers would know what they are buying, I’m fine with it.

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