A 55-year-old woman has given birth to triplets

A 55-year-old woman has become Britain’s oldest mother of triplets after giving birth to her three healthy babies, each weighing

A 55-year-old woman has become Britain’s oldest mother of triplets after giving birth to her three healthy babies, each weighing between 1.8kgs and 2.2kgs.

Sharon Cutts and her boyfriend Stuart Reynolds, 40, welcomed their sons Mason and Ryan and daughter Lily on the 21st of March.

The three babies were lovingly welcomed into the family, with Ms Cutts already having four grown-up children from a previous relationship.

Her new additions are younger than her grandchildren, but she says this doesn’t bother her. “It means they’ve got lots of playmates,” she told The Sun.

The couple sought help from a private clinic before having the procedure in Cyprus as the National Health Service will only perform IVF up to 42 years of age.

“I knew there was a possibility of multiple births because the doctor put four embryos in me, for a higher chance of conceiving.

“At the scan we were told there were three heartbeats. Stuart was shocked and I was in tears, crying with joy.

“The first thing I thought was: ‘Oh my God, how am I going to cope’?” Ms Cutts said when interview by The Sun.

The couple had to take out loans of $28,000 to pay for medical bills as there were problems with the pregnancy. At one stage doctors advised the couple that one of the babies should be aborted because of the risk of pregnancy at her age.

They refused this and Ms Cutts spent 11 weeks in Nottingham University Hospital prior to the cesarean section birth of the babies.

Although the hospital stay was long, Ms Cutts revealed that she did give herself Botox injections and had fresh hair extensions put in before the birth.

“I only injected a little bit, because really you shouldn’t do it while you’re pregnant,” she said.

“I sneaked out to get my hair extensions changed too. It was important to me to look my best for when the babies were born.”

It was a long and difficult journey to their birth, but Mr Reynlods says he is over the moon. “I was excited, and then bricking it. Now they’re here I wouldn’t change it for the world” he said.

What do you think? Should women be able to chose to have children at any age?

  1. joanna galea  

    Every body has a right to their views and opinion . So every women has a right to have children or not to have any. BUT I think that some women are selfish and do not think for the future of the children.Even if this women lives till 80 her children will be only 25(. She has older children and grand children from previous relationship.) If she did not have older children does she expect the new babies to look after her as she gets older or sent to a nursing home ? Did she ever think of the kids life? How would she feel when she takes the kids to school? will she have to keep injecting botox to look great? Will the other mothers think she is the grand mother? Or will she keep injecting botox and hair extensions?
    What a selfish women!

  2. Jeannette  

    I agree totally with you Joanna – and such a big age gap between her and the boyfriend – the relationship may not last – and then what?? – I have watched programme’s like this on 60 minutes and the man had walked out on the woman was in her 60’s with a 4 year old daughter and she admitted to being exausted and said she wouldn’t do it again – and another one who had 3 babies by IVF in her 60.’s got some illness and died and the children were left with no mother of father I’m not sure who was going to bring them up. Very Very sad for the children and yes selfish on the parents side0 IVF is great for younger people but there should be a ban on over 40’s .

  3. Carole  

    She may well have paid $28,000 for her IVF but the cost of her spending eleven weeks in hospital plus the cost of delivering and looking after three tiny babies was probably down to the NHS (taxpayer) and would have cost ten times that. For her to go through with this pregnancy and then take a stupid decision to use Botox just shows how irresponsible she is – poor kids!

  4. I had my fourth child naturally when I was 49 and thought I was no longer fertile. It is hard to keep up with active children when you are older. I am now 58 and my nine year old is quite a challenge. On the other hand, I believe I am a much better mother than I was when I had my first child at 28 – much more patience and perseverance. It is swings and roundabouts. Still I worry about what will happen to him if I pass away before he is ready to move out on his own.
    What I would ask this lady is why did she want more children at this age. Without knowing the answer to this question, we don’t know whether her reasons were good enough or not. I certainly hope that she can trust the father to give his new trio all the support that they need.

  5. MizHelen  

    My parents were almost 46 when my youngest brother was born. While he had all the financial advantages of older parents, he also felt cheated because they couldn’t do the same things with him as they had with us older siblings. Like hiking, swimming, playing footy or cricket. Important things in a young person’s over all development I feel.
    How can this vain selfish woman expect to cope with triplets at her age? What guarantees has she that the much younger boyfriend will stick around
    There’s more to being a mother than botox and hair extensions so that she can look good for the babies.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    People do some amazing things BOTOX while you are pregnant how irresponsible!!!!!

  7. Adele Ford  

    I think the cut off point should be 50yo. This is the age commonly thought of as senior.

  8. Shirley Reynolds  

    Congratulations to the Reynolds family on the birth of their babies. If the mother chooses a little botox and some hair extensions to look a bit better and younger who are all you women to judge? My daughter married a man 14 years younger and they have had 2 children since. My son in law loves my daughter more than any of us should be so lucky. Age is a feeling and if they can do it and afford to do it, who are you to say? You are all busy bodies who could use a little botox and hair extensions yourself. Get a life! Ps no relation to the couple.

    • Ordy  

      Shirley Shirley Shirley it sounds as though you have the same problem as a large part
      Of society these days, if it feels good and I want it, I’ll do it stuff anyone else, selfishness
      Is a major problem and this woman and yourself seem to have it in spades.

  9. Alexandra  

    Do people realise that the mother is aging way faster than the babies? She may be 55 now, but in 5 years she will feel 80. This woman is so selfish, I bet she took out a loan for her Botox and hair extensions. The government should refuse to pay the costs, then maybe there wouldn’t be this nonsense carrying on, and the taxpayers won’t be ripped off. Just because the doctors can play God, doesn’t mean it should be done.

    • Elizabeth Gardner  

      Selfish? you call a woman selfish because she wanted more children, your worry is the taxpayers being ripped off. Are you Jealous? what on earth will it do to your life for someone else to be happy? Get over it!

  10. Elizabeth Gardner  

    Age gap aside because the age difference between man and woman have nothing to do with it. Babies aside nothing wrong with having a baby at 55 when two women have had babies at 60 or more. However regardless of the botox or hair extensions which many women opt for far younger than 55, consider how many first time mums ( not her ) that have had babies at 50! (some twins)what is wrong with that. She obviously understands that she will not be young when they are in their twenties she knew what she was doing Her partner obviously will dote on those babies and no doubt she will be a good mum because she wanted them so much I do not see what the problem is here? they will raise them to the best of their abilities and those babies will be loved. Age is a state of mind not a determination of how or what we should be.

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