New camping hacks that will make you a pro

Going camping soon? For those who have gone camping numerous times, they will know that having a successful camping experience

Going camping soon? For those who have gone camping numerous times, they will know that having a successful camping experience entails massive planning.

From camping gear to food and cooking utensils, there are many things to keep in mind that you tend to discover the things you need when you’re already out of the house.

Often times, convenience is something that is lacking on a camping trip and most only realise that on hindsight.

Here are some new hacks that will turn you into a camping pro who is more prepared.

Easily spot your own tent or camp spot by hanging glow sticks up
Let’s be honest, when it’s dark, all tents look the same and finding yours can be really hard. To solve that problem, simple mark your tent by hanging up a glow stick or two by the door or even at the top of the tent. You’ll be able to spot it a mile away.

Transform storage boxes into tables
If you pack camping gear into plastic boxes, you can use them as tables once you empty them out. They would make a great low table for serving drinks and food if you didn’t have a camping table.

Wear glow sticks for a night walk
Wear glow sticks around your neck to stay on track during that night trekking. It’ll help you keep count of the walking party and also prevent everyone from bumping into each other. Use different colours for kids and adults or even use the same colour for each family if there is more than one.

Keep over the counter meds together

Keep over-the-counter meds together so you won’t have to dig your bag every time. Clearly label everything and you can also make this your regular camping packing item.

Store spices in Tic Tac boxes or tiny containers

Keep a set of spices in Tic Tac boxes that are ready to go and you’ll never need to pack them up again. Simply refill and this storage idea also saves space and keeps the spice from spilling around.

Use glow sticks to stop tripping over things
Put glow stick bracelets at the bottom of each tent pole and rope tie-down so you’ll know where to not step. It works much better than a big rock which could be a bigger problem in the dark.

Use shower caps to keep muddy shoes
The most annoying thing about camping is cleaning up and if you store your muddy shoes in these shower caps before you retire for the night, you’ll clean less.

Night light without batteries
Hang a few glow stick pendants in your tent as a soft night light. I can last for a very long time and keep your tent lit just enough to recognise things in the tent. This is useful especially if you will need to find large things like blankets, pillows or even your shoes when you need to do that morning toilet run.

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