Are you a male stereotype?

Are you or has the man of your life had massive unfair assumptions made because of an old fashioned stereotype?

Are you or has the man of your life had massive unfair assumptions made because of an old fashioned stereotype? Do you carry yourself through life because of a stereotype that was created a long time ago? There are a few that need to be revisited and fixed because the could be putting a strain on your relationships. 

The Non-Domestic

This stereotype comes from the era of guys that wouldn’t do much around the house. They didn’t know where the dishes went even if they offered to help with the washing up. Which they never did. These types of men didn’t help with the kids, besides helping them make a mess, and if there are multiple types of cloths for cleaning, any or all would be used to mop a spilt beer.

Solution: If you or your partner falls into this category than the simplest solution is to start helping around the house. If you see a few dishes next to the sink, give them a wash or pop them into the dish washer. Other things you can do are help with the clothes folding or wipe the tables down after a meal.

The “Bob The Builder.”

“Can we fix it?” “Probably, but it might make a big mess.” A lot of men are handy around the house, but just as many are not. It has been a long-standing idea that men should be able to fix anything around the house and if someone can’t help they are seen as less of a man. This idea is unfair because some people are not as good with their hands as maybe they would hope. You all know at lease one man that tries to be handy but ends up just making a mess of things. Perhaps you are this one that everyone knows, and your pride pushes you to have a crack at fixing the problem.

Solution: It’s 2016, it’s ok not to know how to fix things. Sit back, have a cuppa, and let someone else fix it.

The Emotional Rock

You’ve all heard the one about the bloke that “cried like a girl” but why was showing emotions only for women? Men have always been stereotyped as emotional rocks that don’t cry, don’t let someone’s bad opinion of them shake them, and would rather fight then show emotions. This is unfair and unhealthy as it’s okay to show emotions. All of them.

Solution: Allowing yourself to cry when you need to is one of the strongest things you can do. Don’t be afraid to be emotional and say “I love you” to those who you care about. There’s a big difference between being strong and being stoic.

Stereotypes can hurt, but they don’t need to anymore. It’s up to you, no society, to carve out who you are. If it’s not what they expect due to their stereotypes, then you need to remember the advice from famed philosopher Paul Hogan “Stuff ‘em.”

What other stereotypes do you believe are unfair for you or your partner? Have you eve had to combat a stereotype in your life?