Get rid of house flies with this clever trick

Before you know it, summer will be at our doorstep. And you know what that means – flies! Insects of

Before you know it, summer will be at our doorstep. And you know what that means – flies!

Insects of all kinds resurface when the weather gets warm and they will start swarming around kitchens and garbage cans.

There are so many products that you can buy from the supermarket but if you want a chemical-free option and something that you don’t have to spray around, try this trick from Instructables.

You will need
A clear plastic sandwich bag
2 1/2 cups of water
A bottle of lime juice
2 teaspoons of salt
Two or three paper clips
Some shiny coins
A bowl and a spoon for mixing stuff

Photo credit: Instructables.

1. Add 2 1/2 cups of water to a bowl.
2. Add two teaspoons of table salt.
3. Mix it with the spoon to get the salt off the bottom of the bowl.
4. Add two or three squirts of lime juice and stir. There is no exact amount, lime juice just keeps the pennies shiny.
5. Pour the mixture in to the sandwich bag until it’s 3/4 full and drop the coins in. Seal the bag and hang it up using a paper clip and string.Done!

Do you have a trick that always works?

  1. Marlene Sanders  

    and how is this supposed to work?

    • Barbara Easthope  

      Evidently the flies see the coins as multiple eyes of a bigger predator and stay away. It is supposed to be copper coins though I think. I have never tried it. Maybe this year.

    • Marlee  

      Sounds a bit impossible. My mother had those awful looking fly papers hanging from the ceiling, with a million dead flies!! Just gross.

      • I never liked that fly paper either mum had them way back so many years ago I don’t think they make them any more do they? I use Surface spray for everything now a Bug Sprayer told me its the best to use its pretty good rarely have any flies indoors if I do I just aim for the fly and if only 1 drop gets on it, it dies spiders and any insect will die with Surface Spray

    • Shirley  

      Someone most likely thought it was April 1st not August

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