Clever ideas to keep your house safe

Okay, let’s face it – not everyone can afford a top notch security system. Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks

Okay, let’s face it – not everyone can afford a top notch security system.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks that can help keep your house safer.

Sometimes, being safe needs more than just locking your door and these smart tips can help you sleep better.

Make your doors harder to push open
Those dumb bells with the non-slip grip can be more useful than you think. Placed behind the door in a lying down position, it actually creates resistance when you try to push a door open. This trick works best with cement, ceramic and wooden floors and you can find this dumb bell almost anywhere from department stores to fitness shops.

Secure the door with something that makes a lot of noise
You can use so many things for this from an electronic door stop that activates an alarm when the door is opened or things that make noise like wind chimes and bells. The idea is to startle a potential intruder with the noise as they most likely would not want to be discovered. You can either buy a wind chime or make your own using spoons and some string.

Put up motion-activated outdoor lights 
No thief wants to be in the spotlight especially when they’re doing something illegal. Having motion-activated outdoor lights will not only keep burglars away but also help you identify who is at your front door before you open it.

Reinforce your doors 
Some security bars can withstand over 350 pounds of force. These can be found on eBay and Amazon.

Install a light switch you can control remotely
A WiFi-enabled light switch can allow you to control your lighting from your phone. For example, the Belkin WeMo Switch which can be found in Bunnings, lets you turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world with WiFi.

Put up a security company’s sign
Just as with a non-working camera, put up a security company’s sign on your home’s external wall stating that your home is being protected, but don’t pay for the service, says Time.
A generic alarm system sign sells online for less than $25, and Brinks and ADT security signs are $9 to $25 on eBay. Again, the point is to make burglars think twice before trying to break into your home.

Leave the radio on
If you’re gone all day, leave a radio on so that anyone walking up to the house will hear it and think someone is home. Leaving a small desk radio on for six hours costs an estimated 22 cents per month.

Which trick will you try first?