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A state government has taken the unusual step of asking people what they think of a bold new idea to slash the risk we all face on the roads.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has enlisted a “citizens taskforce” to help develop new approaches to improving road safety.

The taskforce will comprise a group of randomly selected Queenslanders who will spend two weekends discussing the idea of using incentives to encourage people to behave themselves on the road.

Experts in behavioural science, economics and road safety will present with the latest research and professional perspectives on incentive-based approaches to reducing road accidents.

“Road trauma is an issue for all Queenslanders — so too is the solution,” TMR said. “Encouraging safer driving and eliminating road trauma needs fresh thinking, new ideas and a truly collaborative approach by the Government, the public and the private sector.”

Examples of incentives for good driving include cheaper registration and insurance for drivers with no speeding fines and no-claims bonuses. But is that enough to stop people engaging in the risky behaviours that cause accidents?

Speed is still the biggest contributor to fatal road accidents across much of the country, contributing to 40 per cent of road fatalities.

Fatigue is another of the Big Three road killers – overtaking alcohol as a factor in more that a third of accidents. Drugs and distractions are other dangers.

Anyone can make a submission to the Join the Drive to Stay Alive taskforce; visit the website here and have your say before October 19.

In the meantime, tell us – what would make the roads safer for everyone? 

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  1. I frequently travel the length of the Hume. After this last trip, and being practically forced off the road twice in different incidents I suggest that all males over 60 yrs be allowed to drive only golf carts and those under 30 drive only skateboards.

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  2. Mandate eTags in every vehicle and instal numerous point to point readers on all major roads to monitor average speeds. Those who choose to exceed speed limits on a regular basis will soon lose points and licences. Legislate to confiscate and crush or sell the vehicles of repeat offenders.

  3. something really needs to be done about the way people drive….TOO many people are tailgating;;;TOO many people drive way above the speed limit…..

  4. Road deaths are at an all time low which tells me something is working. As much as speeding is at the top of the list, is it a secondary factor as drugs, alcohol or fatigued can cause people to speed. Road conditions are not taken seriously to the point that responsibility for an accident due to road conditions is not holding councils or governments accountable.

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    • Fred That is not right…………So many Deaths on road due to what U mentioned & from where I am sitting…..It is getting worse……Not only is it Silly kids Txt’ing

      we have the huge problem of drugs ie: ICE
      I read the news.I despair & wish for the days of old……….One has to change attitude/need for technology If we going to change the road toll. Ban using mobile whilst driving??? Yes that worked well! ‘NOT
      Not having been of the era of mobile phone when getting licence……..Still never know where my phone is I don’t get the need for everyday mobile
      It is there for emergency………..Not daily communication

  5. I used to work in a Road Safety organisation and thought then as I do now that we put all the emphasis in the wrong place. We talk of road death and put so much emphasis on fatalities. We should be educating kids about to get their drivers licence about the devastating live changing injuries that can occur. Unless it has occurred in their families or social circle few aspiring sports stars would consider the career ending car crash leaving them with a permanent debilitating injury. The glamorous young lady undergoing several sessions in surgery to get her face right. My sons used to watch new Road Safety ads from around the world with me and the one they thought the most thought provoking was a clever ad from NZ listing injuries sustained by a young woman in a crash ending with and the worst thing was the side of the van she hit was the last thing she ever saw.

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    • Yes,Yes
      Also Bike riders need to be accountable

      Bout time they paid to use what we all use & have paid for for yrs ie: in licences

  6. I’m all in favour of anything that might lead to a better understanding of road safety, especially through improved driving skills. A random group may provide a lot of information on what the average driver would like to see in the way of incentives – and these may help lead on to better driving – but it would need to be done under the auspices of some professional organisation such as the RAC. Bottom line is that we are basically under-educated.

  7. No because they take no notice of the road rules and incentives won’t help. Make them take a rule text every five years and if they fail with three or more wrong take the licence away till they get them right. Too many don’t know the rules and don’t keep up with the changes.

  8. I have recently given up driving after 40 years with no convictions as I recognised that I was a danger to my self and other road users due to the aging process and the sheer volume of traffic on the roads.It also was not cost effective for the number of miles I did .
    I am now experimenting with public transport and having a free bus pass and an excellent bus service helps me maintain my independence and quality of life

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    • I get that George What a good idea……….I can not tolerate the stupidity on the road these days. I do still drive………albeit very short distances….Not because I can’t drive………Too many selfish’ twats’ on the road. Who have NO idea as to .. How privileged we are be able to drive/or have something to drive. As fr as I am concerned Parent need to have more input to their child’s life

  9. Works for me. Make getting a licence harder & do it in English…Don’t allow an interpreter to assist. Which I recently experienced whilst waiting for my licence to be validated Despite the fact I had paid………When I asked RTA Why hadn’t they hadn’t contacted me.If they thought I was unregistered.They had no answer……..Outcome I spent 6hrs waiting for them to fix a problem that wouldn’t have been’ IF’ they had a workable system. System well & truly Broken

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    • If you want kids/animals Just make sure U having for right reason…..Both are a huge/life long responsibility

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