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Today there’s one big conversation that everyone is having… Are the Centrelink apps really rubbish?

For a while now, the Federal Government has had a range of Medicare and Centrelink services available digitally through their app on both Apple and Android. These included a Job Seeker app, Express Plus app to management payments and processing and Centrelink account app. They were designed to make managing government related affairs streamlined and easy to avoid delayed processing times. However the public have been in uproar lately saying they are complete rubbish.

Taking to social media to voice complaints, people are saying they are getting claimants kicked off benefits, the server is down more than it is up, you can’t do anything, the app refers you to a brand which refers you back to the app and that they have limited capability.

The Department of Human Services have said their app has 3.7 million downloads and it had been used to process 36 million Centrelink and Medicare transactions. So we’re having trouble distinguishing between whether or not this is a loud few or if the majority of users are really having troubles.

Tell us today, are you using the Centrelink apps? Are they really rubbish? What are your thoughts on them? 

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  1. if they work they are great – if you know how to use them but many over 60 don’t have a smart phone so cant use particularly the medicare App and then if you dont have exactly what they want they wont pay even if it is the Drs mistake It took me a month to get my refund becuse the Drs receipt didnt have all the information

  2. I have a smart phone Rebecca but I got the internet stuff turned off , if I want to access anything I access it from my computer..sorry I can’t be of help

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    • Any reason you don’t access the net from your phone. I love it. Hardly ever use Puter any more usually just to back up phone. Libbi Elliot.

    • I can’t see that little screen sweetie..I just use my computer or lap top for the net ..I can see it better.. so I got it turned off on my phone, but I might give it a try

  3. I don’t only think it is the app, I have friends who can’t access that jobs website on their home computer, one came and tried it on my computer and no go, they complained but it is still not fixed

  4. I don’t have a smart phone and don’t want one. I have an ipad, gave it to my husband as it just doesn’t like me (I tend to blow computers up with static electricity). Centrelink is so slow at anything. Tried to call and just get engaged signal all the time and to go in there is usually 2-3 hours waiting time. The more technology they get the slower they operate.

  5. I have been trying unsuccessfully for months now, to upload documents to centrelink & keep getting kicked out of the system. I have complained to Centrelink & they say everything is working. I have been uploading documents since the app first started, then just prior to Xmas it all stopped. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app, with no success. I have complained to Apple as well.It was working great & now just cant upload any info, I need to give them.

  6. Glad I don’t have to bother with Center link now I’m on aged pension. Get everything free at docs & specialist appointments. The only time I have to use medicare, when I claim breast silicon prothesis

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