Why doesn’t anyone dance properly any more?

I was at my grandson’s school concert the other day, it was a very noisy tribute to the late Michael Jackson
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I was at my grandson’s school concert the other day, it was a very noisy tribute to the late Michael Jackson in which all the years performed dance routines to the popular songs.

Of course it was 100 per cent cute and my grandson was the very BEST zombie that ever danced to Thriller, but what really stood out for me was the Grade Four class, which danced to Billy Jean. 

The thing is, the Grade Four teacher also happens to be a dance instructor and he had taught his class a very basic box step. Considering the prevalence of boy-germs and girl-germs among that age groups, there were a few kids who managed to dance awkwardly without ever actually touching.

But for the most part, the children were happy to hold hands and most seemed to be enjoying themselves. Some of the more coordinated pairings had progressed to cha-cha-cha and basic jive moves and the audience was in raptures at these little people moving so gracefully.

Of all the performances, this one had the Grandmas and Granddads on their feet, whooping it up as if we were at a rock concert!

I remember dancing with Toby Jackson at a school dance at a similar age. I had the most enormous crush on Toby Jackson, who was perfect in every way except one – he was a terrible dancer. With a broken heart and crushed toes, my love’s first light ebbed away.

But then his brother, Brian asked me to dance. Brian was a year older and gifted on the dance floor. I remember feeling like a movie star! In my memories, we twirled and danced like Fred and Ginger; even though the practical part of my brain knows we were simply box stepping our way around the other dancers in the hall.

I didn’t end up marrying Brian, even though at the time I was sure we should. But my husband and I did dance when we were younger; mostly rockabilly, a little bit of lindy hop and, of course, the good old box step. Seeing those children made me miss the partner dances of days gone by. Do you?

Do you wish more people would dance properly? Do you still dance? If so, what style?


  1. They still start Wedding celebrations with few dances like this or even formal birthday parties.💜 when “formalities” are finished, then different kind of music comes on & you know what happens next….maybe..🎶 But I dance with my girlfriends whatever dance moves we do, as long as we like the music that’s on.😊😊

    • We are all single grandmothers who love to dance …till party ends…plenty of ladies dance w/ ladies at parties because their hubbies are busy talking w/ their mates, also those who come alone dance with us in a circle, young & not so young🎶💜🎶💜

  2. I wish I had someone to do the box step with, even if I don’t know of anywhere they still hold dances?

  3. We were on a cruse and every night they had a live band playing and old time dancing, we watched it was beautiful.

  4. At 71 l still love to get up and dance.My metal knees don’t allow too much movement but can still stand and shake it all much to the embarrassment of my children

  5. we still do. one of the best things about cruising – that and dressing for dinner.

  6. WHO Posted / Wrote this Article.
    My Guess, a Young Person.

    And please Correct me If I’m “Off Beam”, but ‘What the F….’ is the “Box Step”.

    And if the PM can say “SORRY”, why can’t you …………..??

    ………………………………(y) (y) (y)

  7. who really worries about dancing the correct steps today — as long as you are in the arms of one you love and having a great time jigging around — I think that is what life is about.

    • My husband and I were never great dancers but we have danced our dance from 1971 when we meet and still do at every opportunity 44 years later. As you said who cares about the correct steps so long as you’re in the arms of the one you love.

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