Where’s the march for over-60s issues?

It seems like in recent months our television screens and social media feeds have been filled with images of people

It seems like in recent months our television screens and social media feeds have been filled with images of people protesting in the streets.

From union protests against the government’s ABCCC to marches for LGBT rights and the infamous Women’s March after Donald Trump’s inauguration, people have been taking to the streets for various causes.

And while there’s been plenty of outrage about the big issues affecting seniors, it begs the question – where are the marches for issues affecting over-60s?

If you looked through the commentary on social media about the changes to the age pension, or the changes to superannuation, you’d see a lot of comments about people being unhappy.

But where’s the march against pension cuts?

Where are the marches against the big issues affecting over-60s?

If they’re happening, they’re obviously not being broadcast.

At the moment it would appear protest about the big issues affecting over-60s is limited to letters, phone calls or angry posts on social media, and while that can be effective, it’s worthwhile questioning why Baby Boomers don’t take to the streets when something bothers them.

Boomers are after all part of he generation who protested against the Vietnam War.

So, why don’t we hit the streets to march or protest and make our voices heard on the issues that affect us?

Is it our firm beliefs about working hard and staying resilient? Is it a desire to not want to create waves? Or do we struggle to rally ourselves behind a cause?

Perhaps some don’t feel that a march would be effective.

The question is, how can we get our views across when the rest of the world is marching and protesting about the issues they’re concerned about?

It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves, and perhaps only as a community we can come together and get our voices, the all too often forgotten voices of the over-60s, heard.

What do you think? Would you like to see a march or protest for the issues affecting over-60s? Or do you think there is a better way to get our voices heard?

  1. Dieter  

    This is a topic I was asking here on SAS many times.
    What is wrong with us?
    On TV I can see our generation protesting for all sorts of issues for the right or wrong reasons why can’t we not organize protest marches all across Australia for our cases? The 2 of us would participating anytime.

  2. Lyn Hassall  

    Some issues affect all of us and we have marched but the simple truth is most protest marches are proceeded by lengthy speech-making to the converted and it is very hot to march, even in winter in Queensland.

  3. Dieter  

    Sorry Lyn I am not with you on this one.
    People go demonstrating for all kind of reasons ie for asylum seekers, boat arrivals, against Trump, even we as a nation of 24 million inhabitants, which is not even the amount of people of one of the bigger city’s in the US. We have to find the right balance and the place in the world. More important for us would be to go onto the street demonstrating for our issues than for some world issues. Be honest who do you think (word wide) takes any notice of us demonstrating.
    We have to persuade our own issues and goals.

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