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The Federal budget for 2015 is just over one month away leaving us to wonder – what will it be? Will it spell doom and gloom like the last or will it have benefits for older Australians?

Today News.com.au reported that National Seniors is calling for the government to ditch the “shock” changes that make significant impacts to the lives of seniors without much warning. In the 2014 Federal budget we were hit with the prospects of slower indexation for the pension, less PBS funding and additional medical fees.

These are things that severely affect our own personal welfare and wellbeing, so will this budget give us something better, something that we can celebrate?

According to the article, National Seniors quoted the seniors priorities for budget outcomes as; A world class healthcare system as highest priority with a fair and equitable society as the next priority then the economy.

So is that how you feel? Health, society, then the economy? Are those the things that matter to you?

Health is important – we want to live longer and we want to enjoy making the most of it! Society is important because we need to be respected, seniors have a very valuable place and Australia needs to become inclusive of older people. The economy is important because unless we’re stable and in a safe financial place, how can the government do anything to help anyone?

They’re three incredibly important things that all contribute to our lives being better off – but what do you want to see from the 2015 Federal budget?

Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. A fair go. Enough money to be able to have a decent roof over my head and food in the fridge. Enough to pay my electricity, and insurance and petrol and registration and to buy the occasional new outfit. I would also like to be able to occasionally get my hair done at a hairdresser or go out for a meal every now and then. And I would like to have enough to actually buy the medications that my doctor tells me I should take and that I try and convince her I do take. And I would really like to know that if I need an operation I won’t be put on a waiting list for five years in the hope I will die first and then they won’t have to pay for it.

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    • Ruth I hear you… Just letting you know if u don’t have money for your meds you can go to your local community information centre. They might be able to help you financially. And put you in touch with others that can help. Call your local council for their contact details.

    • Couldn’t have put it better Ruth. We lost our house due to misfortune and have to rent, but it’s a huge struggle to find anything that is not a hovel that only takes half our pension. I really appreciate the benefits we get as pensioners as they help a lot, but the rent is the absolute killer.

    • well you hit the nail on the coffin

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      • Ruth I totally agree with you,
        After working for sixty two years all I want is a decent living like you say.
        This mob just wants to make us even more poorer.
        They have taken the money out of health,so now instead of me getting a stent put in I will have to wait and hope my Triple A aneuysm does not burst while I am waiting.
        The specialist says it is urgent but there is not enough money in the budget.
        Thanks Mr Abbott I and just about everyone else will not forget what You have done to this country.
        I only hope I am around for the next election.

    • 1. Nina the council I am under don’t help u… with money for medications.. I have never heard of that one.. 2 .. totally agree with Ruth.. I know I don’t take my medications (diabetic) like I should so they last longer… and there are a lot of others (aged pensioners) who are in the same boat as me.. and Ruth VERY WELL STATED…

  2. Better health care ,for everyone Then stop short changing the pensioners and give them a fair go

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    • This will never happen under the LNP. We live on a very modest Work Cover income and I get a carers allowance and this added together is less then the pension for a married couple.

    • That doesn’t matter Karen, if it can be turned into something to blame the Abbott government for , let’s go for it. I assume things for Leanne were so much better 18 months ago under the Rudd government.

    • workcover has only ever paid 85% of the wage you were on , why are you blaming this govt for that

  3. It’s not so much what I want but more what I would like to happen from the budget. Like no more massive pensions for ex pollies, (they already have a fantastic super scheme), no perks like paying for their air trips etc. and all the other perks ex PMs get. We would all love, when we retire, to receive a great pension from our ex-workplace. But really, who expects it? Politicians of course. They need to do more heavy lifting.

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    • This continual rant against Pollies and conditions is nonsensical, they get what what they get because their job is not a normal job, they do not have security of tenure, therefore they must be paid and reimbursed accordingly – employment expenses included.

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      • You got to be joking? Are you related to a politician in office and in line for some money in return of this pathetic comment. Your right, it’s not a normal job, who else gives themselves a huge pay rise from someone else’s pockets.

      • cmon noel, who does have security in their jobs, no one has,, we are only employed as long as we are making money for the employer. The pollies have set up a good thing for themselves. just lets have alevel playing field, if they get sacked like us then let them go looking for another job like we have to, let them be means tested like we are to be able to get a pension,

    • No one has security of tenure, pollies are compensated through their salaries, expenses and perks, whilst in office they should have employer contibutions paid into their super fund just like the rest of us.

    • Oh, Noel Hawes, please! They freely choose the job, and yes, these days who has secure tenure of employment? They get paid appropriately whilst doing the job ( like most people) but then get paid for the rest of their lives. If they lose their job, then like everyone else, go get another one. Why on earth do YOU want to protect this species? Your argument is an absolute disgrace against a being fair for all. The country can no longer afford it!

    • Noel Hawes, who has security of tenure. Nobody knows how long they will have a job for. Politicians are well paid. Perhaps if their positions are so precarious they should do what the rest of us have to do. Put a bit aside from their salaries in case they lose their job tomorrow.

      Employment expenses are one thing. Paying for their gold passes till they die is another. Then paying for their state funerals when their dead FFS.

      Why should we pay to run their offices when they leave politics. Many of them have wives who are wealthy in their own right, So let’s make things fair. Lets means test their pensions the way every other Australian has their pension means tested.

      Let’s, allow them to have the family home and whatever else pensioners are allowed over and above the family home. I think that might be around $250,000
      odd in assets per couple. Then let’s take their spouses income into account, and any properties outside the family home. Let’s reduce their pensions accordingly. What’s wrong with that. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them. Most of them are bloody lucky they aren’t in jail for ripping off the taxpayers money. You know things like flying at the taxpayers expense to private functions…to name but one.

    • @.. Moira… thing one need to look into the Post office.. what the big boss gets… he is a government worker… That receive $4 million… plus…… The ABC Boss… Government worker… he receive $800 thousand… puls 20 % super.. puls …if we really look into what the top government workers receive … one may be surprised of pollies wages…

    • I don’t complain about politicians’ salary and expenses. But I do object to them getting gold passes, and life time pensions after they retire. And when they retire they have no trouble getting another position so it’s not like they will be on poor street.

    • Remember folks, most liberal MPS are wealthy barristers ,some bankers, own huge rural properties & houses. Already got a nice nest egg. They will do nicely. Our treasurer rents a beautiful property his wife owns in Canberra. They are not exactly middle working class. Don’t know much about opposition lot.
      Yes a wage good, but these exorbitant gold card pensions once they leave government a bit rich. They are entitled to super but would love to know how much.
      As pensioners, just keep up to CPI each year & protect us from bracket creep. Rental assistance & other rebates we have been allocated from previous gov. Most important thing, communicate & listen to us.

    • Sorry Noel Hawes but there is no way we should be paying anyone these ridiculous monies – plus perks for life. If anyone can afford to look after themselves in their later years it’s ex pollies.

    • Our treasurer’s wife also has a high paid job and will retire on more money then we low income people or pensioners will ever see in a lifetime. It should be stopped and they should retire without any of the perks. They should have enough in their super to live on for the rest of their lives let alone any other income they might have after retirement.

    • I also don’t believe they should get paid after they leave politics . It really needs to be looked at very closely and assessed as pensioners are .
      However I don’t think we should be making comment on the partners , it’s not our business, if they are working and how much they earn , it’s the politician we are examining , and why he / she is being paid by us for the rest of their lives . That’s the issue . We are not a communist country , everyone has a right to work and earn , and if I earn more than you , why should I have to share it with you because you earn less ? So examine the politicians remuneration post work , but we shouldn’t drag the partners or family into it .

    • Ex pollies get a pension regardless of whether they get another job after retiring…….fair? I don’t think so…..the pension and eligibility should be the same across the board. Unfortunately pollies make the rules and that is why it will not change unless we get an honest politician !

    • These comments seem to be based on media beat ups. Check your facts before posting on here. You are spreading lies. Like Noël I am tired of the politician bashing. This site is particularly bad on it. No matter what the question is, the answer seems always to include something about politicians’ salaries, perks and pensions. Today there are comments about the salaries of politicians’ wives. Didn’t hear much about Kevin Rudd’s wife and her millions. So sad to hear so many people expressing envy of what others have.

    • This website didn’t exist 8 years ago when Rudd was running for PM. There was plenty of media publicity against Rudd’s wife because she ran a successful business. You didn’t notice that Marie Dear?

    • before they become pollies I reckon they really do need to live on the aged pension for 1 FULL YEAR pay rent..and everything else like we do and I bet they cant… then hopefully the aged pension will get a decent raise.. as for them why should they get a gold card when they retire?? or get kicked out .. they get far too much lerks and perks now as it is… and when they retire / get kicked out of their job they ONLY should get the same pension we get….

    • its about time they helped the aged pensioners I don’t mean the ones with millions in the bank but the honest ones who are battlers cheaper medications.. and really LISTEN to the aged pensioner what they NEED AND WANT…

  4. An apology for the insulting rise of $2.09 a week, what a bunch of misbegotten primates.

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    • I was very happy with mine, don’t know how much but did me .Some countries get nothing FREE

    • most countries dont have our high standard of living

      1 REPLY
      • You need to see the conditions of other countries first before stating with confidence your comment. Having traveled more than 16 countries only recentlyI can state that Australia is a long way behind. Our hidden tax’s are a laughing matter overseas.

    • John, I am a single pensioner and I got $2.43 rise last Friday.

  5. As an about to become retiree I don’t want my hard earned superfund to be touched in any way shape or form by the government. My husband and I have salary sacrificed whenever we could so we could afford to retire and we have done without holidays and dinners out and other “luxury” things. We had sense and foresight enough to now be able to comfortably retire and don’t want the government even thinking of telling us that
    we can’t take our own money as we please.

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    • Absolutely agree. Most of my generation didn’t have employer-funded super. Money that was voluntarily saved should be ours to do with as we please, and the fact that we delayed a holiday until after retirement should not disqualify us from benefits those who chose to spend more freely in younger years enjoy.

  6. we got66cents as a rise in our pension last week. insulting.!!!!

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    • Others got more than that . I don’t know what I got, whatever it was I was happy. Would have only been small as I only have tiny pension

    • My 95 year old neighbour has lost 29.00 don’t you think they would a man of his age alone he worked all his life he left school at 13 to go to work

    • I don’t know where you got your information from but I’m on the age pension and we actually received $5.90 per fortnight on a full pension!

    • Trish Daley $5.90 a fortnight gosh it might pay for cup of coffee. Hubby and I are in our 70s do not or ask for a pension but feel that most age pensioners have worked and paid taxes all their lives should get a better deal than that!

  7. Shorter surgery waiting lists, not to have to give up insurance. Be able to make ends meet, without giving up absolutely everything and better retirement villages. Why is their a class distinction between a retirement village and resort? We are all entitled to live reasonably.

  8. A honest answer to questions asked by people to politicians instead of the lies and brush offs we get everytime…THIS MAINLY MEANS YOU JOE HOCKEY RUBBISH SMERKY SMUG PERSON.

  9. Better deal for fully self funded retirees who saved for their retirement and now don’t rely on the government for handouts.

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    • I find that no one believes that it is possible to live without a job or be on welfare. I find the pension very generous to the amount we live on.

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