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Today it is New Years day and many of us may be waking up with a sore head and a hangover… But what are the best cures?

Some recommend greasy food, water is a must, perhaps multivitamins too. What is your secret cure?

I friend of mine who is a nurse tells me that sports drinks and potato chips help put the electrolytes back into your system.

Others recommend the “sweat it out” mentality with a healthy dose of exercise to get rid of all the toxins in your system.

I personally like ginger ale to help settle an upset stomach. I have also heard that a Bloody Mary helps but I am not that game!

Bananas, coffee and pain killers are others that are tried and tested.

A beach swim is also incredibly refreshing and seems to cut through a hangover.

Share your thoughts with us today… What is your secret hangover cure?




Kate Chaundy

Kate Chaundy is a writer on the Starts at Sixty Editorial Team. "I spend my time seeking out, researching and writing on the topics our over 60 community ask about". Kate has more than 13 years in marketing and communications and a lifetime of experience as the daughter of baby boomers.

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