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Travelling is something that I think we can all agree on – it broadens your mind, it relaxes you and it is a must-do for almost every over 60! But would you ever do it alone?

Let’s chat today! Would you be a solo traveller? What is the appeal for you? Have you ever done it before? What are your tips?

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  1. Two years ago I travelled to the UK for three months to travel around Scotland, Great Britain, Wales and Ireland. I went on my own but did invest in a bus tour in each country to see the main sights and get a ‘feel’ for where I wanted to continue my explorations on my own.

    It was fabulous! I invested in a private room while on the tours as I do enjoy my own company and do not relish sharing my showering and resting time with strangers – or even friends. (There are only a very few that I would consider sharing with.)

    I am quite gregarious by nature and so the bus trips were great. Despite promises to ‘keep-in-touch’ we all truly enjoyed our short time together and then all went our separate ways.

    During the tours, when there was free time, I still went to see what I wanted alone. There were always others to share a comment with, a camera to capture what thrilled or amazed me and no shortage of others who were happy to engage briefly.

    I will continue to travel and as a single. I am happy to dine in wonderful restaurants and participate in activities on my own here, so overseas is no challenge.

    The selfish bit is that it is all my way, my time and my interests. So any travelling is exactly what I want it to be.

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  2. I admire people who are able to travel alone. I too would love to do more travel and I am willing to travel alone, however, I do not relish the idea of sharing a room with strangers although travel tours do say they will place you with a ‘like person’. I would much prefer to have my own room but the cost of touring/traveling as a single is quite prohibitive. In many cases the extra costs are quite outrageous. There are so many places I want to see but I do not have an unlimited budget to pay so much extra and also enjoy some of the extra activities on offer. If anyone has information on tours that do not charge outrageous prices to the single traveler I would be most interested in knowing about them. Thanks

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    • Tour companies have to start looking at the solo traveller as there are a lot of us who can’t afford to pay the single suppliment.

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