The “baby bonus bribe” that could cost us billions

Most baby boomers will know the struggles of raising a family in a single income household. But nowadays the government support
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Most baby boomers will know the struggles of raising a family in a single income household. But nowadays the government support means parents are being rewarded for having children, whether they can afford it or not.

At least that’s what it seems like when you look at the figures and how much taxpayer money is being spent on the baby bonus.

Touted as the “baby bonus bribe” by Labor, there has been a proposed increase to family tax benefits for families with children under one. It would cost the government $1.4bn over the next decade, according to new figures released by the Parliamentary Budget Office.

It was found that boosting family tax benefit part B by $1,000 for single-income families with infants, earning less than $100,000, would have an impact on the Budget.

The proposed changes are part of a deal Malcolm Turnbull and the Nationals made shortly after Turnbull took over the prime ministership in September.

Labor said the payment was a “baby bonus bribe” and nothing more than a bribe by Malcolm Turnbull to buy off the Nationals so he could get the top job, according to Labor’s families spokeswoman, Jenny Macklin, reports The Guardian.

“Mr Turnbull is cutting family payments which will see Australian families as much as $5,000 a year worse off, yet at the same time he’s bringing back a $1.4bn baby bonus that is unnecessary and unaffordable.”

In December family payments were amended so parents weren’t able to get support once their child turned 13. Grandparent carers and single parents under the age of 60 would still be eligible for payments until their child turns 18.

This latest baby bonus news comes as the Government is attempting to gain Senate support to phase out end-of-year family payments which would likely see around 1.5 million low-and-middle-income families around $5000 a year worse off, i.e. people without newborn babies.

“So much for a Budget emergency, so much for simplifying the welfare system, and so much for putting good policy over political expediency”, said Ms Macklin, reports the Herald Sun.

Tell us: do you think there should be more money allocated to welfare for new parents or to pensions?

    • We were sensible, no throw away nappies no plasma tv 1 car, no dinner out no mobile, I was a happy content Mother and wife

  1. I think the baby bonus is ridiculous, as you stated, we did it without any baby bonus, I think we got about $28/month for baby allowance. We were low income earners with a mortgage and we still managed. I think we appreciated our lives more back then as well

    • Yes, I got $26.70 for two kids per month, it was hardly worth it. I would try to save it up each year to pay for the school fee’s. So in a sense the Government received it back.

    • Yea same here, I had 2 kids and we lived on Sausage casseroles for years, as long as I had potatoes, vege’s and bread we could get by on what ever meat was on special. Funny thing is my kids won’t touch sausage casserole these days, can’t imaging why lol

    • Back in ‘my’ day it was 50c a month for one child and $2 a month for two. I put it all away, never spent it. If I couldn’t afford to have children, I would have not had them. Simple!

    • Yer they get far to much today and whinge that they need more today everyone lives above there means they say ot cost alot of money for disposal nappies well hey buy cloth ones and dont b so lazy

    • That is what I got 50c per month, used to laugh about it. Special Allowance when you had a baby (once off ) was $ 32. Used the 50c for plastic pants to be used over towelling nappies to keep bassinet dry

    • Yes, I can agree with you. Many the time we went without and had fried bread etc so the children had their school things, occasional treat, milk and veggies. Never regretted a moment

    • Your dead right Lyn, yes it was $28 month I know we use to buy a whole of lamb $10 and we used every bit of it plus our interest rates were a lot higher than this lot have got now they would die if they had to pay 17% like we all had to do. We all managed and I speak for myself my two boys never went with out, school camps, excursions, no they have got it to easy these days.

    • $2 a month x 1 child, 1968
      $6 a month X2 kids, 1975
      $12 a mth X3 kids, in 1977
      It was hard but we got through,

    • Couldn’t get a centrelink loan, like today either, needed something, you had to save

    • Jan Hall Another thing I remember when I had my two boys 65 and 67 you didn’t have to get a letter from your Doctor to see a Specialist I remember I had Dr Connaughton, I live in Perth and back then you never got his bill till your child was one year old everyone went to him as they say now he was in vogue, you got your hospital bill when you left hospital.

    • Cathy Stubbs My girls had formula for 6 months max,then straight on to real milk.Now it’s 12 months,some one making money.

    • I also got $2 dollars a month, not enough to hardly buy anything for the baby. bit of a joke really.

    • Margaret Ferguson
      My three were all raised on Sunshine powered milk from the day they were born. I was unable to breast feed.

    • we always earnt just that little too much to get much, when all these allowances first started coming in the late 80’s, and it was hard going?

    • It wasnt hard going in the 80s ,they wanted to increase the population because us baby boomers were having less children ,not like our parents. Babies grow up and pay taxes to pay us baby boomers old age pensions. I dont agree with the bonus ,people should plan ahead and support their own babies.

  2. In our day we got nothing but you could feed a famley by a car &a house on one wage not now

    • connie christenson  

      I agree with Lee Warry. We could pay rent and utilities and buy food on minimum wage monthly check. Could not afford daycare and did not eat the greatest, but did not starve. You could not even pay your rent now most probably. I was single making a good wage and had a hard time paying all my monthly costs in last 10 years. However in the 70’s I raised three kids and paid my monthly costs on minimum wage. So I say look at the prices of everything and how much wages are currently.

  3. I chose not to have children at all and I resent taxpayer money being given to people who use having a baby as a source of income.

  4. amazing how us oldies are now broke and had sevgeral children and raised them on a shoe string and now get punished with minimal pension. Yeah to the younger generation go get the billions being offered your luck

    • Not all are broke but we certainly did it on a shoestring. Plus the exorbitant mortgage rate. We didn’t rely on credit cards to get by either. We made our house a home.

    • Our first table was an upturned tea chest and we sat on the floor. Glad the old bones don’t have to do that anymore.

  5. How things have changed! We all knew what it was like to watch our money and spend wisely. The age of entitlement will cause many problems long term. Meanwhile we will continue to watch our money and spend wisely!

  6. Seems to me people have their hands out yet condemn others for the exact same thing. NO I do not get any money from any Government, never have and I am in my 60’s.

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