Revealed: The strange and unexpected foods you’re likely to eat in coming years

The cuisine we eat in 2016 is very different from the 1970s. Here’s what happened to some of our favourite
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The cuisine we eat in 2016 is very different from the 1970s. Here’s what happened to some of our favourite retro foods, and what we can expect to eat during the future instead:

1. Less soft drink, more water

After a 10 year decline in global sales, bottled water overtook soft drink as the world’s most popular beverage last year. By contrast, 1970s advertising campaigns for Coca Cola and the like included everyone from Raquel Welch to Aretha Franklin. H20 will certainly reign supreme in the years to come!

2. Less processed meat, more lean protein

During the 1970s, bacon bits and cheerio sausages were a staple at your local deli. After last year’s claims that bacon causes cancer though, it’s likely that Australians will start eating leaner proteins. Fish and chicken will become kitchen staples, especially as beef and lamb prices continue to rise.

3. Less breads and pastas, more whole-grains

An increasing number of Australians are gluten intolerant, and eating lots of bread and pasta becomes challenging when you’re older anyway. In 2016, we can expect to see a broader range of gluten-free breads and pastas, as well as whole foods with unprocessed grains. That’s a big change from the 70s, when macaroni pasta and jam sandwiches were the norm.

4. Different fad foods

Remember when fondue was all the rage? Just because it’s 2016 doesn’t mean that food fads will go away. This year we can expect to see monster milkshakes, berry bowls and decadent donuts in shops. Would you give these extreme foods a taste, just because they are trendy?

5. Healthier fast foods

We’ve already seen McDonalds embrace new menu items, and salads served at KFC or Red Rooster. This year fast food outlets will make an extra effort to use packaging that seems “healthy” or “organic”. Picture burgers wrapped in brown paper bags, or chips served on a wooden board. Unfortunately just because food looks healthier, doesn’t mean it is!

Will you be giving any of these new food inventions a try? Or are you happy to stick with a simple diet? What’s the strangest food fad you’ve ever eaten?


  1. I always loved a fondue, great social way to eat, cheese, chocolate and the Asian equivalent of a steamboat. Still have them occasionally.

  2. Had a retro shrimp cocktail bb at a Restaurant on Saturday and while it was very nice, the sauce was Mayo and not the one we used. It also had chunks of Apple in it and mainly large white shrimps with six tiny pink shrimps at the bottom of the tumbler it was served in. Not quite the retro we used to make!

  3. The only fondue I ever liked was made with dark chocolate and Marsala and you dipped strawberries in it

  4. Terri Rice  

    Still make a prawn cocktail salad for us every weekend. It is combined with prawns/ shrimps, lettuce,cucumber, celery, & chopped tomato – mixed with my own recipe sea food sauce ( which people have told me is the best they have ever tasted) – even told the chef on a cruise ship recently how to make it so we could properly enjoy our prawn cocktail salad – he obliged – he was happy to make it & agreed it was good – to the extent that it appeared next time prawns/ seafood was on the menu.

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