Pope Francis ruffles feathers with call for a worldwide ban on this controversial law

He’s been outspoken about a range of controversial topics, from abortion to gay rights, and now Pope Francis has let
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He’s been outspoken about a range of controversial topics, from abortion to gay rights, and now Pope Francis has let the world know his views on the death penalty.

In a story released on the Vatican website, the Pope called for “all Christians and people of good will… to work not only for the abolition of the death penalty,” but to improve the living conditions of prisoners around the world.

“The commandment, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ has absolute value, and concerns both the innocent and the guilty,” the Pope said.

He added that he believes criminals “maintain the inviolable right to life, the gift of God”.

The death penalty is a contentious form of punishment in many countries around the world. Last year, Australians Andrew Chan and Myurna Sukumaran were executed in Indonesia on charges of drug trafficking – an act that outraged many Australians.

While the death penalty was outlawed in Australia in 1984, it has remained active in America and many Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

There are some Australians who argue the death penalty should be reinstated here, saying it is the punishment some criminals deserve and that taking a tough stance on the law is the only way to fight crime.

Others though say it is is inhumane and morally bankrupt way of dealing with criminals.

What do you think?

Is the death penalty the right punishment for some criminals? Or, should the death penalty be banned around the world?

  1. Dianne. Cox  

    I just find it so ironic that this sort of statement should be coming from the pope!!!🤔🤔🤔

  2. The abolition of the death penalty is the first step a culture takes on its long road to civilisation. Any society that still invokes/permits the death penalty is still just a barbaric hoard.
    The road to civilisation involves removing all forms of murder including capital punishment (revenge) and war from the realms of possibility. It should not need to be outlawed; it should be anathema to all members of society. We cannot consider ourselves civilised whilst we take revenge with ritualised murder and witch hunts.

    • Rikda  

      It’s really hard to explain to you why that is not the case Ashley.
      Why you think this civilization is in any way heading for purification while hoards of secret societies who are wired so poorly that they, no matter the atrocity, will always have a future to return to the killing fields, while being wet nursed for it.
      I wonder why people like you feel you have the right to pontificate while thousands of children suffer at the hands of such despicable brutal heartless creatures.
      The only reason I don’t advocate a slow & painful death for them, is because it would only make me one of them.
      See how you would feel about being their saviour after recovering an anatomically wrecked child from the hands of a dribbling sadist.

      • You could not have explained this any better. there are some people out in the world that will never not murder.

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Bring back the death penalty for some criminals. Why should they live if they take a life, they don’t care they have everything in prison. Better conditions then most people on low income and pensioners. We have seen some horrific crimes and these are the ones that should be given the death penalty. The parole system and judges let them back into society when they should not even exist anymore.

  4. Pamela  

    Prisoners in Australian gaols are better off than many pensioners or low income families!

  5. Joan Marshall  

    The death penalty should stay. I am a Catholic. While Catholics generally believe it is not right to take a life. Does the Vatican support these criminals particularly Serial killers? It is all very well to talk but the Vatican should talk only when it does more charity instead of its own government and everything in gold in the basilica. With whose money? only the poor. How dare they?

  6. Isabelle  

    The death penalty would be the ONLY deterrent to some of the sick, evil criminals we Taxpayers’ are funding into their old age!
    They shouldn’t even have air, & bread & water’s way too good for them!

    Think Bryant, Knight, Cowan, Baden-Clay, Bayley, the sicko 5 who raped, & murdered Anita Cobby, the Muslim skaf bros, the bloke who shot his pregnant wife, & his daughter with a spear gun, Crump & his co-killer, & rapist.
    There’re are far too many, still living a life of ‘luxury’ in gaol, in much better standards than what our Pensioners’ have to exist on!

    Do what they did in times past. Judge decrees Death Sentence, then ‘take him down’, at which point, killer was hanged immediately. Good!

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