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We’ve all been there – getting up early in the morning to get the kids off to school. Ironing uniforms, getting breakfast and hustling them along to make sure they have got everything on their “need to bring” checklist. But more and more parents these days a skipping out on one thing with their kids… And it has become a controversial talking point in recent days.

More and more parents don’t give their kids breakfast before school. We aren’t talking about late teenagers coming to the end of high school who are moody or perhaps prefer to sleep for an extra ten minutes than eat something. We’re talking about the young ones – the primary schoolers and even the ones who aren’t at school yet.

We stumbled across this newspaper clipping on our Facebook newsfeed and quite frankly, we couldn’t agree more. So take a look at it and tell us, do you agree with the writer? Were you ever denied breakfast as a child?


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  1. I agree! How can it be too hard to get your child a meal, especially breakfast, probably the easiest of the three.

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    • Agree, and the cheapest and easiest for the day

  2. Bacon and eggs would be the preferred breakfast food for good health, or just eggs. Things like Weet-Bix, and any other cereals contain too many carbs and sugar and are not good for you. Bread is not good for you either, so lunchtime sandwiches containing chicken at room temperature is extremely unhealthy, not to mention downright dangerous. I think every school should have a canteen that has nutritious breakfasts and lunches available. Problem solved. A fridge and microwaves for every classroom might be a good idea too for those that could bring, store, and re-heat a healthy home-cooked meal. While kids keep on eating cereals, bread and sugary drinks and treats, the obesity problem will never be solved.

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    • Anything is better than nothing and the writer was advocating porridge – never knew that to have added sugar if you buy the one that is just natural oats. Weetbix is also far less sugar and been around for decades .Bacon is expensive and we are talking kids here – a lot of whom would not like it.Three fruits a day are advocated by all dieticians .The main point is that parents do not make time to help their children eat a proper breakfast and that it does NOT cost a fortune to give them one. I guess we are all looking back at when we raised our own children – priorities are very different now, so are families and it is children who are suffering. It is not up to the government or schools to feed them or hand out more money to people who can afford new cars and overseas holidays. unfortunately there are a lot of selfish people out there who think it is “their right” to have the tax payer pay for their children and they take up money for those children who really need it

    • Julie, I don’t know about other schools, but our school has a refrigerator in each classroom for the kids’ school lunches. The fridges were bought by the P&C from fund-raising efforts. Bacon is not healthy, and bread is fine for growing children. And as far as the school canteen goes for providing breakfasts, you have to get the parent help first. We can only have tuckshop twice a week at our school because of a lack of parent help.

    • Oh wow Julie, bacon and eggs would be one of the most unhealthiest breakfasts for anyone, Weetbix is made by Sanitarium and is on of the lowest in sugar of all cereals…. they are a health food company……

  3. I think that to deny or refuse to prepare, provide or encourage your children to have breakfast is child abuse. Some people just shouldn’t have children if they aren’t prepared to care for them. This isn’t a lower socio economic problem by the way.

  4. That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe any parent would send their kid off to school with no breakfast.

  5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day . It is the easiest , quickest ,and cheapest to give to our children.

  6. I was a single working parent and we all had breakfast as it is my favourite meal of the day. Weetbix only, rarely coco pops as a treat, toast, eggs, whatever. When they got old enough and I had an earlier starting job that enabled me to be home after school, the food was on the table the night before to help themselves. Lunch already made in the fridge. It’s not hard. I find the best breakfast these days is a toasted cheese sandwich – protein, carbs etc and keeps you full. Quick and easy.

  7. I can’t believe any mother would send her kids off to school on empty tummies! They need a good shake, if they do. How hard is it to make toast or pour cereal and milk?

  8. Hi Starts at 60. I’ve read facebook posts put on here by a friend, and find your stories refreshing, up-to-date, and interesting in that they’re always about real people and real life today. Thanks for all.

  9. What is hard and expensive with toast, a glass of milk and a piece of fruit . Or even just toast and milk. This will quite happily get the children through to lunch.

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