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Let me speak plainly. When I finally carve out some ‘me time,’ get myself organised and head down to the
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Let me speak plainly. When I finally carve out some ‘me time,’ get myself organised and head down to the local hairdresser, the last thing I feel like doing is making small talk. It’s nothing personal. I’m just tired and dishevelled.

Since you’re my hairdresser, I really appreciate that you’re taking an interest in my life. I like how you want to know about my husband, the grandkids and any upcoming holiday plans. The truth is though – I just don’t want to talk. It’s not you, it’s me.

The fact that a major hair salon has now debuted a ‘quiet chair,’ for people who prefer their haircut with minimal conversation, makes me think I’m not alone. Salon owner Scott Miller explains, “We understand people lead busy lives, where they may have been communicating with people all day and want some relief.”

“We wanted to take the embarrassment away, and for customers to know we won’t be offended if they don’t want to do the small talk often associated with visiting a hair salon,” Miller adds. This is a man after my own heart!

Customers will be able to discreetly request the quiet chair when they book an appointment at Miller’s salon. “Of course, we’ll talk to them about their hair and what they want, but apart from that, they’ll be able to enjoy the experience in silence.”

To me, this bit of shush sounds like heaven. All I want from my hairdresser is their professional care, a good magazine and a strong cup of tea. Sign me up for the quiet chair, please!

What do you think? Is having a ‘quiet chair’ at the hairdresser a welcome idea?  Or is expecting complete silence just a bit rude?

  1. I certainly don’t believe the hairdressers is the right place to get quiet time, if I was still working and need some quiet time I would rather grab a good book and cup of coffee or nice glass of wine and sit out on the patio and just chill.

  2. Clarice  

    I like it, but a hairdresser or any one else should pick the non verbals if the client wants ‘shush’ time.

  3. I am so glad I’m letting my hair go wild. The hairdresser I went to was just lovely and did a great job for a GREAT price and because I was working I was grateful…but all the loud screechy small talk in the salon drove me to distraction – not sure the quiet chair would solve the noise issue in that particular salon – I agree with you Trish, just get your hair done, forget all the blasted product they put in to cement it in place, half the time I’d say forget the blow dry, just let me pay and be gone….

  4. I am the dead opposite, probably because I live alone, I love going to the hairdresser and chatting away to her, she always has funny stories to tell me of her twin sons, they are only 2 years old and they keep her hopping. She is such a good hairdresser, but I would go to her anyway because her personality is so bright and sunny

  5. I would prefer the Hairdresser or Barber not to talk to me, I am there for a haircut not to relate my life story or hear theirs.

  6. Personally, I love to go to the hairdresser for a chat. It’s a small business so the owner always cuts my hair.

  7. I loathe sitting in the hairdressers. 2 hours wasted. Have this terrible habit of clock watching whilst i am there

  8. Hairdressers should learn to read the clues, ie if you’re reading a book or magazine or scrolling through your phone while sitting in the chair well I think this is a dead giveaway that you don’t want to engage in conversation. The two places I don’t like to chat is while having a massage (very rare so please shut up) and at the checkout while buying groceries😕

  9. If the barber wants to talk I talk, if not I am happy to sit quietly while he snips away

  10. I prefer to take quiet time in my own space. I really love it here more than anywhere else.
    I rarely go to hairdressers and if I do, I enjoy a chat.

  11. I would prefer the Hairdresser or Barber To just shut up and get on with their job which they are paid for. I am there for a haircut not to relate my life story or hear theirs. Yesterday, I went their, there was only two of them instead of 6. There was 4 customers waiting and this employee was doing someone’s hair with a non stop bitching about an X staff to the ladies there . so neither the hands nor the brains were working only the mouth bitching! Helloooooo!, can u see customers waiting ? I’m so sick n tired to see employees putting their chatting ahead of customers needs. That’s how mistakes occurred and I hate the idea of a chatty girl messing with my hair. That got to stop I will say. Sorry, it’s time for these people to learn how to handle their job without blabbing about other people’s businesses. Just get the job done and chat in your break.

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