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Everyone has their own story of seeing or meeting someone that is considered famous. And more often than not, we don’t even admire the person but there was something about that moment that resonates with us to share the story over and over to whomever will listen. Have you had an encounter with someone famous?

What makes those encounters remarkable is when the person actually lives up to or exceeds their public persona. It doesn’t have to be a well-known celebrity; a brush with fame can be exciting when you meet someone outside of the showbiz industry who happens to inspire you. Fame is all relative, don’t you think? For instance, meeting a well-known chef, athlete, or politician; the list is endless. It all depends on your definition of fame.

We took a poll in the Starts at 60 office and here is a great brush with fame! Do you have a story like this one?

“My son met Bill Clinton at his school in Port Douglas in 1996. He stayed up the night before drawing an illustration of cassowaries, crocodiles and other cartoon wildlife welcoming him to Australia. The next day when he saw him hold up the picture in the crowd, Clinton said “Hey Hillary let’s go over here for a photo”. The photo of my son and the Clinton’s made it to the front page of the local paper but my son was disappointed when Bill didn’t accept the photo as a gift. It went to a security who promised he’d send a thank you certificate but it never came! Even the people who served him pizza received a certificate. My son still feels gipped!” 

Here’s the photo from the local paper!


Tell us, what is your biggest brush with fame? Why was it so special?

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  1. I have met The Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Kent. I have also met several Governors of South Australia. All have been a pleasure to meet.

  2. I have met a lot of pop stars. Back in the 60s. But in the 90s I met Cliff Richards wow he’s lovely so nice

  3. Many years ago I met Don Ho in Hawaii. He was just lovely and now every time I hear the song Tiny Bubbles I smile and remember. I also met the premier of Tasmania, David Bartlett. He gave up politics but to this day we are friends and I think the only honest politician I have ever known.

  4. I sat next to artist Margaret Olley ….sat next to Marcia Hines at the Tuncurry Races saw Eliane white at Noosa also Trevor Marmelaideat Noosa ..spilt coffee on Benny Elias at the Sydney show saw Pat Rafter at sunrise beach surf club

  5. I chatted to Leo Mckern (Rumpole) in Dymocks, Sydney. I had the feeling I should know him but couldn’t think how. .rushed off to get my partner who told me who it was!

  6. I met someone extremely exciting (not) Tiny Tim and he called me Miss Libbi 🙂 I also Rodney Rude and he asked me out haha no I never went

  7. It was the day of the opening of the Olympics in Sydney. It was a gorgeous day so much happening around the Opera House, husband and I notice all these people just standing around so ask “what,s happening?” Oh, Chelsea Clinton is coming down to get on that boat. Oh, we,ll hang around..tall guys in black wired for sound were all around I turned and there was Chelsea coming towards me. She looked straight at me, I held out my hand and welcomed her to Australia and then I KISSED HER on the cheek! It was all so spontaneous. It,s a wonder the body guards did,nt grab me. I then found out NO ONE was allowed to speak to her or approach her not even the press! She seemed delighted to meet me! The press then decended on me “do you realised you just kissed the daughter of the President?” it was a day. To be remembered! X

  8. Was working as a courier a pick up at DJs in the city going to a wharf at Watsons bay and wait for the guy to turn up in his dingy turned out to be Elton John I was a huge fan my boss at the time new it and set me up I nearly fainted priceless

  9. I also met Cliff Richard in the early 90’s while I was managing an Opal business in the QVB . He was very frriendly and polite . In the same shop I also met lots of delightful people , like BG’s parents , Paul Hogan’s ex wife Noelene , Rolf Harris , Hayley Mills , many famous cricketers and other stars , but the unfrendliest , pretty rude meeting was with Dame Edna in drag as a man !

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