Let’s talk: should you still wear your wedding ring after your partner has passed?

The loss of a partner is undoubtably one of the most difficult things a person can go through. There is

The loss of a partner is undoubtably one of the most difficult things a person can go through.

There is nothing that can prepare you for the heartache and loneliness that comes when you loose the one you were closest too.

For many people one of the most contentious issues that arises after their partner has died is the wedding ring and whether or not they should keep wearing it.

For some, the decision is easy. They know they will never take their wedding ring off and will wear it for the rest of their lives.

It’s a symbol of the love and the life they shared with their partner and they want to keep it close to them forever.

For others though, their wedding ring carries less meaning and they hold their partner close to them in their memories and their heart instead.

Eventually, they feel comfortable removing the ring and moving on with their lives – whether that means with a new partner or even just being open to the idea of meeting someone new.

*Margaret’s husband passed away eight years ago and she took her ring off only a few months after her husband passed.

She felt like she didn’t want to hold onto the past and wanted to open herself up to new opportunities and eventually maybe even a new partner.

Margaret says her children and friends were surprised when she removed her ring so soon after loosing her husband, but new it was the right move for her.

“My husband lives on in my memory and in my children,” she said.

“I didn’t feel like I had to wear the ring to honour or respect him. He knows how much I love him and I know he would have wanted me to move on and be happy.”

On the other hand *Jenny, whose husband passed nearly six years ago still wears both her engagement ring and her wedding band every day.

She says she would feel like something was missing without it and it reminds her that her husband is always close by watching over her.

After years of living alone she has gotten used to her life as a widow and has no interest in moving on with anyone else.

For her, the ring is a symbol to everyone else too, to let them know that in her mind she is still married and she intends to stay that way.

Taking your ring off can be a difficult decision to make and it sometimes affects the people around you even more than yourself.

Some people say their family were upset when they stopped wearing their ring as they thought it meant they were over the death didn’t care as much anymore.

In the end though, they said they had to make the right decision for them and not be swayed by the opinions of others.

Whatever the end result it is certainly something that gets people talking with everyone having their own personal view on the topic.

What are your thoughts?

Would you still wear your wedding ring if your partner passed away? If you have lost a partner, do you still wear your ring?

  1. It’s 3 years for me and I don’t think I will ever take it off but i think its up to the individual and age group at my age 70+ I don’t want to train another man(tongue in cheek) I had the best so will wait till i meet up with him again

    • I lost my beloved close on 5 years ago. Will always wear my wedding ring as it shows how I carry his love – within my heart, body and soul, AND my wedding ring. I also had the best hubby in the world and in my view no-one can replace him – I don’t intend marrying again ever – the memories of our happiness and life together for 51 years ‘moves me ahead’ because the legacies of our love for each other keep me going.

  2. Derek Still  

    Personal choice. Simple as that.

  3. My husband has been gone for 10 years now, l took my ring off 3 years ago only because my fingers swelled. l have not bothered to put them on again. And even though l’m 62 , l have no plans on getting involved in another relasionship .

  4. Janine Vercoe  

    My partner lost his beautiful wife 2 years ago. He wears her ring on a gold necklace and only takes it off occasionally when cleaning it. I respect him and love him more for this decision and I know it’s a comfort for him. In no way does it detract from our relationship. In my case, I decided not to wear my wedding or engagement ring. It is an individual choice.

  5. Laurel Prince  

    It’s been two years for me and I am still wearing my rings, some of my friends tell me I need to take them off now I do not think I will ever take them off. I am happy on my own, had 7 years of courtship and 50 years of marriage so I feel complete with my life.

    • Maurice Xanthos  

      You don’t NEED to take your ring off. How presumptuous of your “friends”. This is your decision, and no one else’s.
      Good luck though as you move forward.

  6. Patricia Taylor  

    Almost 10 years since losing my teenage love. It would never enter my head to remove my rings. After 45 years of marriage I knew I would never seek another. At the same time I would never think any the less of anybody who chose otherwise. In fact I sometimes I wish I could feel differently as I see others who appear to have gained new happiness.

  7. Cathy  

    I had a custom made ring done with the diamonds from my rings and the diamonds from my husbands wedding ring. I had the maker take a snip from each gold setting, melt them together and make it into a heart shape on the under side of the ring. Our wedding date is engraved in the band. In this way I commemorate our marriage but do so in a way that allows me to move on with my life as my husband hoped I would.

  8. Kingsley George Alley  

    My beloved girl left me nine months ago after a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s, which she faced with courage and grace. We were married for more than 52 years. I never wore a ring myself but when I married her it was “for life” – not only her life, but mine as well. I am perfectly at ease with people marrying again, but for me I am perfectly happy to “stay” married until I too pass on.

  9. Rose  

    My man passed away 7 years ago, however I wear my wedding and engagement ring on my right hand. If I am lucky enough to meet someone else it is their problem if they cannot deal,with me wearing these piecesof jewellery.

  10. Shirley  

    I still wear my wedding ring and I also wear his ever since it was slipped onto my finger as he died. It is 64 years ago today since we became engaged.

  11. Agnes  

    My beautiful man passed away 8 years ago I still wear my ring have no intention of removing it went on in1959 and there it will remain I am now in my late 70’s I love to look down and see it there

  12. Kath  

    Although my husband of 49 years is still with me. I would never take my wedding ring off, if he passes away. It may be different for younger people, but perhaps I would wear them on my right hand then

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