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Everyday more than a whopping one third of Aussies are being pestered by charities and political parties asking for donations or “a moment of your time” and now there are calls to put an end to it once and for all.

Senator Nick Xenophon is calling for a review into the Australian register, saying charities and political parties should no longer be exempt from the Do Not Call law.

While people can request for marketing companies to stop calling them and remove their number from the database, the same can’t be said for charities.

Mother of two Sarah Steen told Yahoo News she’s bombarded by up to 10 calls a day after completing a survey for a trusted charity.

“They’re very persistent and they’re very annoying,” she said.

“I find that if I don’t block the number, they will ring in the morning and then they’ll ring again in the evening.”

Wile most people are happy to donate their money to a good cause if they can afford it, it’s the constant calls and sometimes pushy employee on the other end that seem to drive people crazy.

Consumer group CHOICE has found more than a quarter of Australians receive calls from charities on a weekly basis.

“People are literally being hounded in their homes, something needs to be done,” CHOICE spokesperson Tom Godfrey said.

“We’re calling for the for-profit companies that represent the charities and the charities to be put on the Do Not Call register.”

Do you think charities and political parties should be added to the Do Not Call list? Do you get hounded by calls from telemarketers?

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  1. It needs to be done asap and also the overseas calls need to stop.

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    • We are sick of getting calls from charities to buy raffle tickets, from companies to get solar panels, bogus calls from the ATO, yes definately do not call list for the lot

    • Couldn’t agree more. .it’s so very frustrating and annoying! !
      I have put my number on the Do not call register, but they still get through especially overseas telemarketers. .

  2. I think all companies or organisations that are trying to sell or get you to use their org, should be banned, they are nothing but a disrespect of your privacy.

  3. How can we stop the overseas and rude callers.A lot of the callers also are from NSW or Vic numbers and they should be able to be blocked. Nobody is really taking any notice of the DNC registsr

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    • Definitely, or do what I did, get your home phone disconnected.

  4. only use the landline now for internet and calling overseas,sick of people ringing asking for donations,got rid of telstra and put landline rental in with iinet with broadband,was paying $25 month for the privilege of that line now pay $69 including internet,and much cheaper calls overseas!!! Agree,stop the charities now,

  5. Surely if they can pay for such a high number of calls they should not ask for more money The callers are probably paid on commission as well Never ever give you credit card details as you don’t know if they are who they say

  6. I have my charities and can’t afford any more. Ringing me only gets me offside. There is no way I will support other things. I can see for myself when there is a crisis. Respect my privacy.

  7. it is not the charities or political parties that are the big problem for me, it is the overseas one that I get almost every day inviting me to have someone that is in my area quote me for government subsidied solar panels

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    • I agree. It’s the scammers supposedly from the ATO, The ones about “someone in your house had an accident”, the ” your computer has a virus and the solar rebate scheme people who do my head in. The ATO ones are recorded so you don’t even get to yell at them.

  8. Most definitely. Charities rely on donations, I get that, but my elderly mother is not capable of saying no because the charities need the money. She is on a pension and it was costing her nearly $1500 a year by the time I managed to stop them all. I did eventually manage to get her details removed from their database, but only after a couple of letters. And the money asked for by the charities doesn’t all go to the charity – by the time they take out costs, they are not getting the 100% that is donated.

  9. Most definitely!

    I donate to a couple of charities’ only, & I contact them when it suits ME!

    All the others’ who call, don’t interest me.

  10. If they call my mobile I say I cant talk now I’m driving (hands free) I then put their number in my phone and mark it do not answer, so I don’t answer, they eventually give up calling, if no number shown I don’t answer any way.

  11. All these calls are a Invasion of my privacy, whether they be charities or trying to con me into giving my credit card no. I am on a do not call registry but seems to make no difference. Ban All these calls

  12. They definitely should be. I already give generously to quite a few, and I still receive calls from them, asking for more. I also think the begging letters should stop. My parents died a couple of years ago, the charities they supported were advised of their death, but still the begging letters come.

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