Let’s Talk: Should voters be incentivised with burgers and coffees?

We’re used to having sausage sizzles at our polling booths, but the Australian Electoral Commission believes that isn’t enough to
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We’re used to having sausage sizzles at our polling booths, but the Australian Electoral Commission believes that isn’t enough to get all the registered voters to their local school or hall.

While voting is compulsory for everyone over the age of 18 in Australia, some forgo voting in lieu of a $20 fine.

In an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) report obtained by the ABC, it outlined 80 “interventions” to get disenfranchised voters to go to the polls.

Under the report titled Corporate Engagement, AEC wants to pair up with Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Club, McDonalds or Hungry Jacks to “offer rewards for voting”.

In return, the AEC said it could offer the companies “publicity on election day”, reports the ABC.

And in a bizarre measure, the AEC even put forward to idea of using pubs as polling booth just so people could make their vote count.

AEC spokesman Phil Diak said while a number of the interventions were adopted, others were not.

“As with all consultant’s reports there was no requirement for the AEC to adopt all, or indeed any of the ideas generated,” he said.

“[Some of the ideas] would not have been appropriate for the AEC to pursue, while others were not within the AEC’s capacity.”

AEC data shows more than 1 million people are currently not on the electoral roll, and while that is not an offence, it is an offence not to vote if you are registered.


Let’s talk today: do you think these ideas could be effective? Would you vote at a pub? What makes you want to vote?

  1. Gloria  

    it”s compulsory to vote so no free coffee or sausage sizzle would tempt me to vote for any party. But I no that I would certainly not vote back in the running party, being a pensioner we have lost so many benefits and our pension is being reduced not increased. The cost of living is still going up and up how are we supposed to live, why did we work so hard and pay taxes to get to this stage of our life and be treated like 3rd class citizens.
    I the government cut back on their income and pensions we would be better off. Why do single mothers get so many free handouts yet have never worked and paid taxes, you can have one accident but not 2,3,4,5,6 etc and they have access to birth control not like the 1960″s.

  2. Graham Houghton  

    The best incentive? People worth voting for.

  3. M .Leitch  

    I fully understand to this day I’m not sure who my local member is. The last election was about the leaders, and only one or two other names bandied about. To be honest I have no faith in any of them.

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