Let’s talk: has this campaign ad gone too far?

When it comes to campaign ads they are usually, unfortunately more often than not, mind-numbingly boring and tedious. But all

When it comes to campaign ads they are usually, unfortunately more often than not, mind-numbingly boring and tedious.

But all that seems to have changed with the release of this minor party’s new ad.

The Australia Sex Party has released its brand new campaign ad and it’s a doozy!

The ad features a singing and dancing priest along with whole bunch of extras who launch into an epic number about the Catholic Church and the Vatican.

It’s well-known the Party wants to make changes to the way religions benefit from tax breaks and execute their power in politics around the country, but some are saying they’ve taken it too far this time.

“It will come as no surprise that our election campaign ad is funny, irreverent, cheeky and well, blasphemous,” said Australian Sex Party Leader Fiona Patten. “But it highlights our legitimate policy of ensuring that religious institutions are transparent and accountable in Australia.”

Australian Sex Party lead senate candidate Dr Meredith Doig backed her up.

“When we talk about taxing religion we’re not talking about church schools or hospitals, St Vinnies or the Salvos – they can get charity status under ‘Advancing Education’ or ‘Advancing Health’ or ‘Alleviation of Poverty’”, said Dr Doig.

“We’re talking about cults like scientology and mega-churches like Hillsong, which raked in nearly $80M last year from operations like Hills Christian Centre, Hillsong Technology Services and Hillsong Publishing. They exploit this tax loophole to run businesses that otherwise would be subject to normal taxation.

“Yes our ad features dancing priests in a wonderful musical number ‘The Vatican Can’.

“Humour and music are often the best ways to communicate a serious message – it’s time for religion to pay their way. I pay my tax – why don’t they?”

If only all campaign ads were this entertaining! Can you imagine Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten dancing around like this?

There are calls for people to share the video if they want to see more campaign ads like this.

Has this ad taken it too far? Is it offensive or funny?

  1. Personally, I find it hilarious. Mind you, I’m an Atheist. 🙂 It certainly echoes my thoughts on the Catholic church, but I doubt Catholics will have a sense of humour about it.

  2. Ian Foster  

    Now do an advert that handles Islam the same way.

    • My thoughts exactly. Freedom from religion is as important as freedom of religion.

    • Not in this lifetime Ian – that would be offensive. I love that Catholics are n the “Offend as much as you like” list while Muslims are on the “If you offend you are racist” list. Also, the party leader says they are targeting groups such as Hillsong, but the song is all about Catholics.

  3. J Taylor  

    I have always thought the tax free status of questionable “churches” should be knocked on the head. It’s a no brainer.

  4. I tend not to be offended by much having had a background in the police force, however, I’m sure someone will find it offensive, racist or bigoted – or something else politically correct.

    One of my principles in life is to try not to piss anyone off unless I have to. In that respect, I find the video in poor taste.

    I agree with the principle that supernatural entities should not get tax benefits greater than other organisations, but I think there is a better way to make one’s point known.

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