Just when you thought fast food was dead, there’s a new player in town…

One of America’s most loved fast food outlets, In-N-Out Burger, has sold out within minutes when opening a pop-up store
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One of America’s most loved fast food outlets, In-N-Out Burger, has sold out within minutes when opening a pop-up store in Sydney this week.

Before even opening its doors, excited Australian fans had ordered everything there was to get from the In-N-Out menu.

Some people queued from the early hours of the morning, whilst others were eventually turned away by In-N-Out staff. The queue was so long that would-be customers needed to be issued with wristbands.

In-N-Out burger is famous for its menu of oversized burgers, fries and milkshakes. They boast a huge “Animal Style” burger, and a “3 x 3” burger which has three beef patties as standard.

Though In-N-Out burger has no immediate plans to open a permanent Australian store, the frenzy surrounding it has proven fast food is still popular.

Whilst McDonalds’ global profits fell 15% last year and its share prices plummeted, people on Facebook couldn’t contain their excitement about In-N-Out Burger.

Facebook users are begging In-N-Out to open more pop-up stores throughout Australia. One person said, “don’t eat dinner is on its way!”

Whilst another added, “In-N-Out has the best burgers ever, I tried them in America. The only fast food I still really love!”

Would you give In-N-Out Burger a try if it opened near you? Or are you tired of fast food? Are you surprised that other American takeaways are growing popular in Australia?


Posted by Foodbeast on Sunday, December 6, 2015

Animal Style fries. IN-N-OUT you are always in my heart. || #foodbeast @vansgoodeats

Posted by Foodbeast on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

  1. No I won’t be trying it, we get all of America’s bad food trends down here, the good news is that are Australian’s are now fatter than Americans , so we can’t go much lower down the ladder of gluttony

  2. Neither excited or disappointed. It is an individual’s choice what they do. I won’t be in any rush to buy one if a store were to open up where I live.

  3. Silly headline. Fast food isn’t dead??? Just look at how many people eat at these places every day!

  4. I certainly wouldn’t be standing in a queue for this, but if people want to eat it, then it’s their choice. One every six months probably wouldn’t kill you. Can’t see me trying it though.

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