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Bearing in mind Australia has a brand-new Prime Minister who actively supports Australia’s transition to a republic, we were intrigued by the furore in the UK involving the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour party boss has been branded “disloyal” for refusing to sing the national anthem, God Save The Queen, during a Battle of Britain remembrance ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Mr Corbyn stood with his head bowed, fully attentive, but silent, as the the Prime Minister, Defence Secretary and military leaders around him joined in the national song.

The gesture was noted – and widely criticised. Mr Corbyn’s action has been labelled “dishonourable”, “rude” and “disrespectful”, and many say it alienates him with Britain’s voters.

“Singing the national anthem is a sign of loyalty to the United Kingdom and British people. I cannot believe that the people of our great nation could contemplate a Prime Minister who lacks that loyalty,” said one Admiral.

The Sun Corbyn

Mr Corbyn has been a vocal supporter of Britain’s republican movement. His office issued a statement saying he stood in “respectful silence”, that he found the service “very moving”, and that it made him think of parents’ role in WW2. He offered this insights via Twitter:

Malcolm Turnbull was once the chairman of the Australian Republican Movement – would he sing God Save The Queen or stay silent as Corbyn did?

Let’s talk: do you think it was wrong for the opposition leader of the UK to stay silent during the national anthem? Does it show lack of respect, or a man who sticks to his principles? 


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  1. My thought is ~ if we let Turnbull force us into a Republic ~ we can say goodbye to our Nation as we know it. We will become like other countries where they are fighting and killing because a mere male is at the helm. HRH does not influence or interfere in any of our lives but she has kept us with a little respect for each other.

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    • Thankyou Rosemary, I appreciate that because as you can see I am a respectful subject, simply because I have not seen republics work any better than our own. So the protocol of Royalty is not on my agenda. HM has played a big part in giving us a bond of strength that has been proven over many years. Why change what works ??

    • Absolutely. If people nowadays are always looking for ‘ role models’ then look no further than HM.she has been a wife and mother and held down a full time job. She needs to be up to speed with all Commonwealth countries as well. No doubt she’s been busy with us this week. At almost 90 and still working…what a woman and calming and reliable influence for us all. …and before the critics jump on me…yes she did have help to run her home but not her vast Commonwealth

    • Forgot to say also …it’s amazing how the staunchest Republicans line up to meet her or members of her family. Mmmmm!

    • I couldn’t agree more Rosemary. I was more sorry to see Julie Bishop as a rebel because I’ve felt for a long time that “she” could have been our saviour.

    • Judy Draper George – you seem to forget that the Queen actually removed an Australian Govt. not that long ago. A very disgraceful period in Australian history.

    • Don’t want a Republic here in Australia, could you imagine Mr. Turnbull..El President…not only that, Republic countries always have civil unrest and wars…

    • Lorraine Flanagan my point exactly. Minority rabble go into the streets to get what they want. In the case of republican countries ruled by dictators and military, I don’t blame them but in Australia, lets worry more about reparing the damage done to our indigenous people.

    • Judy Draper George Minority rabble just removed a prime minister.Plenty of peaceful republics if you care to look.

  2. malcolm Turnbull will not do the same, nor will he do anything agaisnt the Monachy until, the Republican movement succeeds- only on Monday he swore allegience to the queen – until the time is right

  3. Corbyn needs to show loyalty to Britain not necessarily the royalty. Singing a song about a royal member has nothing to do with ones loyalty to ones country. There are a great number of people that do not support the monarchy.

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    • It’s not the Queen that is the problem, it’s the word “respect” ~ being our heritage and our future. Republic to me means rebellion. Just saying though.

    • Judy, you need to think about the fact that Australia is not a British outpost anymore, it is made up of people from all over the world, a Republic will define us as an individual entity, this doesn’t mean we have to give up Australias heritage and customs entirely.

    • Find out how many countries that have become Republics that have had wars, rebellion, coups, trouble with boarders etc, etc, etc, and DO NOT think it will not happen here. This Labor block to me is someone given power WILL course untold damage…..just my opinion.

    • Also, that man is British and the last time I looked Britain was still a monarchy! Like it or not it is rude to be disrespectful to the queen of the country!

    • Fred Davies I’m sorry that you appear to be ashamed of who you are and from where you came. For me it’s still a matter of “what works you don’t change”. Could be because I’m a woman and and we are maternally known as the peacemaker.

    • I have no shame in where I was born, however I feel you are being selfish and not appreciating many of us are not of British heritage. Tell me Judith if Canada was incorrect and disrespectful,? I think it’s wrong to pretend to believe in an institution if you don’t and there’s too much of that around today. Ladies you can be aligned with the monarchy but it’s no reason to insult people that are not. The people of Australia will decide the future and you may need to prepare yourselves, there isn’t one of you that can’t say we have seen the best of Australia, we are not a white community from Europe, predominantly from Britain anymore and let’s face it, Britain is not the same either. I am only facing reality and realizing that we need to respect the people in our community, they are making their lives and futures here and as a country built on immigration we need to make sure all people have a say in the future of Australia.

  4. Sorry Judy Draper George, you are ill informed, but I respect your right to your opinion – I the Republican issue was put to a referendum, right now- we would be a Republic

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  5. He is no hypocrite….he doesn’t believe in the monarchy, so why would he sing “God save the Queen”?

  6. Sorry to interrupt your chat girls & boys. As an Englishman, this man has no right to be where he is. He is a Communist through & through. He would be better employed as a scare crow. With his attitude & way of thinking he could not win a raffle.

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    • As a born Scot, and keep in touch with family in England and Scotland …… your comment is absolutely wrong. It may be your thoughts but not other peoples thoughts over there.

    • yes Victoria ..many many educated compassionate English friends as well …who are delighted ….and finally have some hope for their country ..

    • So, John Sanderson, because somebody has a different opinion than you, he or she has no right to be there. That sounds like a dictatorship i.e. not democracy.

  7. That song, while it does laud the monarch is never-the-less the official anthem of Great Britain therefore in snubbing the anthem he is not only snubbing the queen, he is also disrespecting his country. It has nothing to do with being a republican or manarchist.

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    • Did you even read what I wrote? Of course you can still be a Republican and respect your country. I never said otherwise.

    • The problem is that the anthem says “long to reign over us” The queen should not be reigning in a democracy (and she has more power than you might imagine! ) I am British but never sing the national anthem. A song is not a country. Anyway nationalism isn’t always a good thing. I’m just a human being on a small planet.

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