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Yesterday, Woolworths unknowingly sparked a social media frenzy over a T-shirt they were selling with other “Australia” themed stock. Each shop generally starts pulling out the Australia Day merchandise about now and we can expect to see flags, slogans and boxing kangaroos everywhere.

But yesterday, a shirt with the slogan “If you don’t love it, then leave” was labelled offensive by twitter users and Woolworths has since removed all stock from Australian stores.

Now, well done Woolworths for a prompt reaction to the public.

But, on the other hand, I have myself asking why do people consider this offensive? It isn’t by any means a shirt that we will see everyone wearing over the next few days, but who exactly is that offensive to? People that don’t like Australia? People that don’t like living in one of the greatest countries in the world?

I don’t know about you, but I feel that this is becoming a little to PC for my liking… So today let’s talk! Tell us, do you think this is offensive or is it PC gone too far?

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  1. I think political correctness is becoming ridiculous – my father and many young men of his generation fought and gave their lives so that we may live in freedom and have the freedom to say that we are proud of our country!
    I quite agree with the slogan – if you don’t like it, leave and please do not stay try and force your thoughts/religion/ideologies on us!
    It’s about time more Australians stood up and faced the fact that we are being forced to agree to things and thoughs that we don’t always agree with!

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    • antoinette lloyd as hit the nail right on let the truth be know

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      • I agree with all those people who say it is not offensive and if you came to Australia to live then you should respect and adopt our customs with pride and dignity. If you have been accepted into Australia and naturalized as an Australian then you should remember the vows you made and act like an Australian. All the men and women who fought to keep our country free would be horrified by the way their loved country is being subjected to pressure from certain emigrants. Would Australians be able to adopt another country as their own and start pressuring the residents born there to change their ways?

    • I agree with both these comments. What’s offebsive about it? Its not aimed at anyone or anyone group. It’s simply stating a fact. No different to putting it up in a doctor or lawyers office. If not happy with their treatment or service, go somewhere else. PC has gone to extremes and it’s time Australian government and fellow Aussies woke up to that.

    • The values those men fought for were not to shout hate and divisiveness at any one you come across. Reading this slogan is not felt as your pride and your celebration of our country. It is aggressive , attacking,and, on a T shirt, indiscriminate. It’s spoiling for a fight. Wear ‘ I love Australia’ if you do. No matter what you think, or would say in a private argument, please don’t shout hate at everyone like some mindless gang member, angry at the world. Graffiti writers do this. Why would you?

    • I totally agree. this is Australia. this is our flag My Father fought for our country, for the freedom we all enjoy.under our flag, his coffin was draped in this flag. it is a flag of honour.

    • Can’t see anything offensive in this slogan. I am so fed up with – ‘can’t do this, can’t do that’ in case some person is offended. What about me? I am Australian and I am offended having to ‘kow tow’ to those who don’t want to be Australian.

    • So completely agree with you Antoinette. They should be sold & a lot of us would be wearing them ( that excludes the women wearing a Burqa/Burka of course – a little hard to fit on over that black dracula style garment ! ) – even worse when they then complete ” the oufit” with a pair of black sunglasses .

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