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Overnight, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the ABC’s annual funding will be reduced by about 5 per cent, saying details of the budget cuts will be revealed this week. The ABC’s Media Watch program reported the Government would cut the public broadcaster’s funding by $50 million a year, on top of the $9 million cut announced in the May budget.

ABC News reports that sources have told the program the cuts will see state-based 7.30 editions axed, Lateline pared back, bureaus in Tokyo, Bangkok, New Delhi and New Zealand scaled back, $6 million sliced off radio budgets and TV production in South Australia shut down.

While this may come as unwelcome news to many, we have to consider the reasons behind doing so – and the entire media industry as a whole right now. Currently, media is broken. Digital media is surviving, but our traditional media models aren’t. How many times do you sit down to watch the news but at the same time you are looking at your computer, tablet or phone and reading stories on them?

Mr Turnbull spoke on the ABC’s Q&A program and said “It does not include the cancellation or termination of the Australia Network contact.” So these are merely measures to scale back costs at this stage.

But today we want to know, is it right to cut the ABC’s budget? Considering the traditional media models are becoming less effective, are the cuts to the ABC validated? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. This is like cutting the further education budget. How will we stay informed, especially with international and local news. Who else can leap onto current topics with morethan a soundbyte

  2. Yep, I totally agree. I am just over Q&A, The 7.30 Report & the Early Morning News. The total bias is dreadful. I don’t particularly like Tony Abbott, but he is our Prime Minister & deserves a bit of respect. By the same token, I wasn’t a great fan of Julia either, let alone Kevin Rudd, but they were, at the time, our Prime Minister so just show a bit of respect.

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  3. Well let’s talk about the ABC paying 1.5mill to outbid SBS for the Asia Cup when SBS modelling would have fully funded with advertising revenue.
    When they stop such waste then they can complain.

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    • Maybe ABC and SBS should be under one management to reduce costs but keep programming separate. The government is to blame for making them competing entities in the first instance.

  4. I’m ab ABC fan but everyone is having to look closely at their budgets including me. So why not take a closer look and eliminate unnecessary waste.

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    • Look at the wages and perks of the top management i think they earn more than the Prime Minister and the ABC is not bipartisan as it should be but staffed by failed left wing journos, how many times did it bring up Abbott punching a wall 30 odd years ago but nothing on the ALP/union corruption

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