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NSW and QLD are bitterly divided… and it’s not about the footy. The Queensland high school curriculum offers home economics as a subject, whereas NSW has deemed it no longer relevant in the technology-obsessed Generation Y.

Do you believe cooking, sewing and home maintenance should be taught to teenagers? Or is this something best left at home? In a world of iPads and reality skills, do children need to have these skills – or are they outdated?

Let’s chat: Should Home Economics still be taught as a subject in high school?

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  1. Taught to teenagers? No, they should be incorporated into the curriculum from the start. Everyone, male and female, should know how to sew on buttons and stitch up hems, cook decent meals, manage household finances, use power tools and change wheels. Elements can be taught to young children, and gradually build into a useful set of practical life skills. Just don’t call it ‘domestic science’, or make it into a pseudo-science called ‘design and technology’ or ‘food science’. It should be about practical living, and become a mandatory part of education.

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    • Parents could impart this knowledge surely or are they too stupid? Has this practical knowledge been bred out?

    • Dina, Dina, Dina. What else do you want taken off parents and loaded onto teachers? Let parents pull up a chair, and put their child on it to help add, mix, and stir, (and do the taste test or scratch out the bowl) as most parents do, and leave the rest for high school where it has always been.

  2. I know schools have a lot to teach but many children do not come from homes where there is only one parent so children miss out on basic skills the missing parent would probably teach. One lesson a week would teach them so many skills over the years and could be reinforced at home. You can’t go into the world eating Maccas, pasta and junk food. Money skills, cooking and sewing skills all very mundane but everyone has to survive on the available money they have at their disposal.

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