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We were the big winners out of the GFC due to strong fiscal management and no doubt the good luck of being tied to China.  Our reputation as a global powerhouse that should be significant on the world stage was built and our nation respected when previously we had been the Crocodile Dundee of the world,  a country from down-under, full of rednecks and kangaroos.  But with the probability of the next week bringing our fifth Prime Minister in five years one has to stop and consider what the world might think now.

Could the world be wondering what the hell is going on down here?

Fiscal uncertainty is making so many people shake their head, including business leaders who have been left wondering, alongside international markets who seem to still feel Australia is a strong place to send their money.  Do you think it is?  Would you invest in today’s Australia?

“Sentiment and business conditions across states and industries are generally consistent with a ‘patchwork’ economy” said NAB Chief Economist, Alan Oster this week.

“A large depreciation in the AUD took place during the survey period in December and was reflected in firms’ responses to questions on AUD impacts,” his client note said.

The lower Aussie dollar is still sucking in money from the global economy, but for how long if our spectacle continues? Can five Prime Ministers in five years be good for any economy?  The Daily Telegraph proposes this weekend that we could be becoming the Greece of the Pacific!

2013 was a tough year for Australia as we battled through a political environment that saw business progress stand still and politicians argue over the leadership.  Rudd, who was ousted by Gillard three years prior, ousting her back after she called an election nine months ahead of time, placing our country in political indecision limbo.  Abbott took over with a landslide victory to the Liberals, that they appear to be squandering at a rapid pace, right when the country cannot afford it.

Today we sit with no Government in Queensland, a Federal Government that has pledged to vote for a spill next week, no candidate for Prime Minister (yet!), a dollar that is dropping like a stone, and fiscal uncertainty from a budget that was never passed last year.

What happens next? A fifth Prime Minister looks certain.  What do you think people will think about Australia? Let’s talk about it!  




Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. I’d rather they leave him there and let him dig their hole deeper !!

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    • The hole was there when they took over the government. Go ahead put your inept labour in and watch the hole get much deeper. God Help Australia

    • Good on you Molly, you have assumed I am a Labor supporter when in effect I do support someone else, yes there is a hole created by Labor and the only thing wrong with them is they don’t control spending. What I see ( and many other Aussies see) is a Govt full of Liars who cannot get anything right, they haven’t got a budget passed and there’s another one coming up.
      What AUSTRALIA needs is a double dissolution and see how many people agree with my opinion.
      PS. Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for the liars.

  2. We are getting very Italian in politics. I don’t blame the voter as much as the politician’s misrepresentation of themselves. (Anyone choosing to ‘reply’ to this comment in a bullying way is guaranteed to get their heads bitten off today, just sayin!)

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    • you get no complaints from me, if they did as they promised and stopped telling lies, we would have no complaints

    • Linda it’s a shame that we have to be worried about getting our comments ridiculed in nasty ways. I often want to post something but don’t because I don’t want the nastiness invading my space. I wonder if people would be so rude to our face. Well done you for posting.

    • Zoe, a few of us agreed yesterday we have had enough of their unasked for ignorant remarks. Some are considering leaving this site so I decided I won’t be bullied anymore. They certainly would think twice about dissing me in real life, 6ft tall ex police officer. Most of my prisoners had better manners than the gobby opinionated sorts who diss everyone who dares to have a differing opinion than their own.

    • Yes the bully is alive and well on here sometimes, but some of them are rude to your face, I have been told I am a idiot for voting the way I do, but the good thing about this country is, you can vote for who you like, and complain about the pollies those who don’t do what you like and most of us have a good education so can work out who is good for us.

    • A bit hard to raise revenue or reduce expenditure with a blatantly obstructionist Senate

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      • I don’t think I have ever come across a more obstructive opposition than Tony Abbott’s. He obstructed just about everything, just for the sake of opposing, so he said: “I am in opposition so I oppose.”

    • We are getting very Italian in politics. I don’t blame the voter as much as the politician’s misrepresentation of themselves. (Anyone choosing to ‘reply’ to this comment in a bullying way is guaranteed to get their heads bitten off today, just sayin!)
      …and this isn’t bullying?…wake up to yourself.

  3. If Kevin Rudd hadn’t been treated so badly he would still be Prime Minister now!! (That would be ONE Prime Minister in five years) Instead we have this Abbot chaos and embarrassment on show to the rest of the world.

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    • We’d be even deeper in debt than we are now and the boats would be queuing up to come here

    • Mr Born-to-Rule, Micro-Manager Megalomaniac – you gotta be kidding. Check out the facts, Julia Gillard was the only one to get anything of value through the parliament

    • Love the stubborn one eyed loyalty to a man who could not function as a prime minister it was quite beyond him

    • You have to be kidding! He was rolled and then he rolled Gillard and then he was rolled again. That WAS A CIRCUS!

    • What we need are politicians who understand the job they are entrusted with on our know, look after the health, employment, education and transport of the people and those who need help..then comes prosperity and THEN they can build their monuments to themselves and give their rich buddies their bonuses. They have all lost sight of their responsibilities imo..seem to think we are all children who need to be told what’s good for us and forget who are actually paying their not inconsiderable wages.

    • listen tony raise benifets make them easier to get halve taxes borrow some money and give us a lump sum its so easy .we demand it

    • yes …and by now we would be all Bankrupt…when will they learn that you cannot sell off everything so you look as though you are doing something,you cannot spend and spend,and not have serious issues …why can’t they run the country like a house hold with a budget that makes sense…and stop spending and spending,only my opinion.

    • Margaret that’s rubbish, Rudd would’ve been tossed out and labor would’ve had only a few MPs if Gillard hadn’t of taken over, she held on to power by independents until she was that unpopular Rudd came back and they were gone thankfully, and it’s the beat up media that’s in a rabble, and if Malcom does take over I would be much happier as he was our choice over abbot, liberals are the only ones that run the budget within its needs, every time the budget blows out where we are only able to pay the interest payments every body suffers

  4. I think it would show the world that the people of Australia are in charge of their servants of the people and we won’t put up with our “leaders” treating us like we have no brains. My opinion in answer to the question. Feel free not to comment.

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    • Too right Virginia. I think Mr. Abbott and his cohorts were under the impression that the general public have no brains and will go along with whatever they decide to do. This backlash has proved them wrong.

    • agree & it will not make any difference as it is the policies that stink. Labor is not much better, we need a whole new system.

    • Don’t agree Virginia but that’s the beauty of our democracy isn’t it – free speech.

    • Great ! What’s left . The idiots who cannot handle money . What do you suggest? We heard the reserve bank CEO , yesterday , labor refusing to allow the budget cut backs is slowly putting us in the S^*+ . So no cut backs = big debt ?
      I often wonder how many people who support NO BUDGET CUT BACKS , when we are in debt , handle their own finances ? Do they just keep spending at home? Or just keep going until they are up to their eye balls ? Or the bank pulls in their loan . How exactly
      Do these supporters of ‘everything for free’ manage their money ? Interesting isn’t it ? Because when we gave any debt it cones first , you repay what you borrow !! Didn’t anyone else learn that ?

    • It’s not so much a case of NO BUDGET CUTBACKS as WHAT those budget cutbacks are. Cut back on the least able to survive whilst retaining huge benefits for politicians, even bigger tax benefits for the richest in our country and generally “looking after” those who are more than able to look after themselves. Sure, there’s a lot of people on welfare, even disability support, who shouldn’t be, but that’s a drop in the ocean to the benefits that could be reaped from making large corporations pay the proper tax just for starters. I agree with Virginia – it shows we don’t tolerate crap from our PM.

    • LOVE THE WAY QUOTING A SPEACH BY THE CEO OF THE RESERVE BANK gets you a torrent of abuse and doubts of your intelligence..dont give up carolyn brown we have your back

    • Love the way these rusted on keep harping on about looking after the richest in the country. Can you name them? Is it banks or mining sector? You know, the ones that pay plenty of tax are our biggest employers, contribute to everyone’s super and the reason we survived the GST. Tax them more shed jobs lose value yeh you’re an economic genius or another Labor parrot.

    • I think the best one we had got knifed he got us out of the ression the whole world was slipping into because Howard wanted it to happen .then they get the knifes out. Bring Rudd back and give him a fair go.For crying out loud

  5. We have gone from a respected nation to a laughing stock since sep 2013. The world may think we are now starting to recover.

    3 REPLY
    • This statement was to do with climate change & axing the tax on it., from a Lord who gets 300 pounds per day (approx. $700) for just turning up to the House of Lords!

    • I believe you are correct, however, it applies to everything the libs do. The Lird is obviously a much more intelligent person than anyone in the LNP. Not too sure what the money refers to; think you’ll find abbott gets about $1350 a day, and spends nothing because we hapless taxpayers pay for everything he does. Even, I believe when he is cycling and promoting Amgen.

  6. The world’s been laughing at us for years. We just don’t see the humor. We are the only country who is forced to vote under the pain of fines and we vote for party not person. ??? What’s wrong with this picture.

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    • If you don’t take the responsibility of voting you don’t have the right to complain about the outcome… It’s your problem not someone else’s.

    • Linda surely you don’t believe that we vote for the party not the person of course we vote for the person. :

    • I think the world’s too busy sorting out their own problems to laugh at us…a lot of countries are way worse off then us. And l don’t really take much notice of what others think if l feel l’m doing the right thing so this sort of worry is a waste of time…we need to get back on track and consider what is important like health, education, safe workplaces etc. Governments waste too much time bullshitting!!

  7. At the moment we are the laughing stock of the world, with our politics in total disarray. Hopefully, once the spill has been settled, we will get back on track and the government will stop stressing about the deficit, which doesn’t need to be paid back immediately, and get the infrastructure of this country sorted out, and be fair to everyone. A big ask, but it can be done.

  8. it goes to show the country is run by idiots who dont remember what promises they make & treat us like fools

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    • They treat us like fools yes.. They remember the promises though… They know that when they make them they are never going to keep them..

    • I agree Ian. Rabbott remembers the promises, he lied his way into office because even if he has only one or half a term we will have to pay him until he dies and then we will probably be paying for Maggie.

    • No it’s us who are idiots we vote these fools in but I would welcome Malcolm over any of the others from either side

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