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Today we discovered that some people living in Sydney who are seniors or pensioners are actually getting some well deserved love from their council. Currently all local government areas offer pensioners a $250 yearly mandatory rebate, which offers them 50% off ordinary rates and charges for domestic waste management.

However pensioners living in the City of Sydney will continue to actually receive an increase in their rebates. Blacktown residents are luckiest as the council will, on top of the mandatory rebate, double its voluntary rebate from $105 to $200. This means that eligible pensioners will actually receive rebates up to a maximum of $400! Other generous councils include Campbelltown, which offers a $50 bonus, Bankstown ($40 extra), Sutherland (an extra $105 with certain conditions) and Hurstville ($75).

In Brisbane the new council budget has been unveiled today and full pensioners even get a better deal. Full pensioners will receive a 40 per cent rates discount, capped at $924.

Councillor Graham Quirk said, “Brisbane pensioners receive the most generous discounts of any South East Queensland local government area on their rates bills and we also offer a generous remission on water and sewerage accounts capped at $472,” Cr Quirk said.

The catch is that these rebates aren’t widely promoted and you have to actually apply through a manual process, show proof of your pensioner status and be approved to reap the rewards. The other catch is the property you apply for must be your sole or primary residence – so no investment properties allowed!

So today we want to know, do you get rebates from your local council in your area? What do you get and are there any special ones that make a big difference? Do you think local councils should do more for pensioners and seniors? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


To find out more about the rebates your council might offer, head to the local website via Google Search. 

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  1. Some do here in NZ if your rates/valuation are above a certain amount. 5 years ago my mum used to get $500 a year off hers, not sure what it is now.

  2. Gee I wish Gold Coast council gave us a break on water lousy buggers. So so expensive and still want to know why we have to pay a connection fee every 3 months wrote to our lousy mayor and got no reply. As usual

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  3. Ipswich Council looks after its seniors very well, not only with rebates but also by managing the Home Assist scheme and implementing cheap taxi fares for those who require them. They also give an extra 2 hours parking for those who are seeing a movie in the CBD – making 5 hours free parking in total – plenty of time to have lunch and shop as well, and there are many free entertainments throughout the year, all well publicized. We have the best, most hands on, can do, Mayor in Australia and live in a great city only 1 hour from Brisbane. And when you pay the dog registration you also get a booklet of discount vouchers worth around $200 for pet products with it. I know the council doesn’t fund that but it is a nice touch. Love my town

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  4. I think you will find these rebates only apply if you are the OWNER of the property too. Renters don’t pay rates directly.

  5. Ku Ring Gai Council has a long way to go to meet the Council’s mentioned. It’s a grab grab mentality here with only a very small discount.

  6. Luckily I rent. I wish our Canterbury council would get motivated. But I’ve noticed a few more traffic lights that incl n allow right-hand turns. Wow bout bleeding time.. doubt if the council realised how much vehicle insurance jumps in this postcode. Bad roads. Busy roads not enough off street parking areas. Bad drivers .Shopping many ppl drive kilometres for comfortable organised shopping. Here it’s scattery n even roselands dosnt cover all needs. Seniors gotta walk long distances fr parking to desired shops n it’s hilly. The colonials didn’t level out the streets. Another great example of ‘goat track’ planning

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