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The Australian Senate will conduct an inquiry into the Halal certification of products – which many Australian companies pay a hefty fee for – and exactly how that money is spent and on the operations of the certifiers. After months of claims that “Halal funds  terrorism” by the Australian people, the government are getting to the bottom of it – the big question is, will you support the inquiry and whatever it finds?

According to the ABC, The Australian Food and Grocery Council CEO, Gary Dawson, is welcoming of the inquiry so it can dispel the myths as Halal certification plays a valuable role in Australia’s export market.

He said, “If this inquiry can put to bed some of the more outrageous claims, can put to bed some of that misinformation, and really establish the facts around halal certification, we think that’s a good thing and we’ll certainly be contributing to that.”

The battle against Halal in Australia saw anti-halal campaigners use some ugly tactics in their fight, targeting their claims at companies who sought the certification.

“[They’ve been] the recipients of abusive phone calls, social media campaigns and so on, when, at a practical level, halal certification for many food companies is simply a requirement for them to export into countries like Indonesia or Malaysia, or to market their products to people of the Muslim faith here in Australia,” Mr Dawson said.

Senator Bernardi has described halal certification as a “racket”, and raised concerns about “a lack of clarity about where the facts end and the fiction begins in relation to halal certification”.

“I haven’t been able to ascertain what the cost of this religious tax is to individual companies or the overall cost to the Australian consumer,” Senator Bernardi said in March.

“No one has been able to explain why water, milk and cat food need halal certification. No one has been able to explain all the groups involved in the certification racket and where the money paid actually ends up.”

As for it “funding terrorism” as so many people claim, so far there’s nothing to support that.

“We’ve certainly seen no evidence to back that claim [of a link between halal certification and terrorism],” Mr Dawson said.

“There are agencies in Australia – the Federal Police, the security agencies – that are involved with investigating any of those claims, and as far as I’m aware none of those claims with respect to halal certification have had any basis.”

So if the inquiry finds that nothing is wrong with Halal and in fact, this religious certification is just like Kosher, or for that matter, non-religious and is just like organic, is there any harm in having it? Should we stop the “boycott Halal” campaigns that actually hurt Australian businesses? 

Share your thoughts today – will you listen to the Senate Inquiry findings into Halal? 

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  1. People are going to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts.
    I am glad the inquiry is going ahead as the facts need to be settled and the fact that it does not cost us consumers, needs to be shown.

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    • Sue, you must live in fairy land if you think that the Halal tax is paid for from the profits of the companies paying it, it is passed on to the consumer like all business expenses, or claimed as a tax deduction still a cost to the Australian public

    • We don’t know that do we? If companies are forced to pay this tax, they aren’t doing out of the goodness of their heart…..Ultimately it is passed on to the consumers….

    • Who could trust Muslims in an enquiry anyway , a few muppets will get up there and lie their way through it . If any other business did this it would be called extortion or protection racket , the only difference is they are not riding around on the running boards of cars with a tommy gun in one hand aka Al Capone style

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      • The ignorance shown by bigots on this issue astounds me. With just a little research, you could easily show a huge increase in intelligence. Please don’t forget Kosher accreditation, Heart Foundation, etc, when you choose to lambast Halal.

        How does Halal affect you?
        It f*****g doesn’t.

        Halal basically means the following: That an item of food is free of pig products, free of blood, and free of alcohol – all of which are forbidden under Islamic dietary codes; similar to how Kosher foods meet Jewish dietary needs (which Halal is often used as a standard, for convenience, as both Kosher and Halal are very similar). To put this even more basically: Halal (in an Islamic context) = allowed.

        No, Halal certification doesn’t fund terrorism, either, just incase you were wondering; and anyone who says that it does is likely a conspiracy crank.

        If you are an animal rights activist and are against Halal slaughter – then congratulations on being a part of the only group of people who has a valid criticism of Halal slaughter (your argument against Halal slaughter also carries more weight if you are vegetarian or vegan). However, if you are using animal rights as a guise for your own blatant bigotry, then you are a dick. End of story. (Unfortunately, most “animal rights activists” against Halal fall into the latter category).

        Furthermore, because not all Halal certified products are meat products, the concerns of animal rights groups only extend to the Halal method of slaughter; not all Halal certified products.

        For everyone else, Halal doesn’t adversely affect you, just like the Heart Foundation Tick of Approval doesn’t adversely affect you, so quit flogging your dead horse to no end about it pretending it does, because it doesn’t, you gullible moron

      • Well Chris D Martin – when an explanation is given as to why products like Toilet Paper, Tampons, Dog/Cat food, Honey & so much more needs to be Halal we may be more informed!! In the interim I support the inquiry.
        In today’s West Australian there was a photograph of a cow, tethered, bloodied, sprawled on the ground in obvious pain, & clearly in terror of the sledgehammer wielding slaughter-man attempting to render it senseless to continue the ritual required by Halal!
        No, Chris, I am not an Animal Rights Activist – just an animal lover.

  2. Maybe it will stop people jumping to conclusions.

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    • What conclusions???The point is it is being paid for what reason?? Why is it being paid?? It’s extortion,bribes, blackmail… Whatever it is, it’s not necessary … Too many people are wearing rose coloured glasses…

    • I certainly do not see why all abattoirs have to be halal and the fruit and veggies, ducks turkeys and chickens age to be halal. Where are my choices where is the money going to and why does it only go to mosques and Muslim schools when they accept $40,000,000 a year to fund the schools from Australian tax payers?

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    • This has been happening for years, wasn’t advertised. With the advent of so many muslims it has come to a head, mainly because it is open slather , virtually on everything we buy. As Australians we should have a choice. When we have Nestle, Sanitarium, Uncle Toby;s all Halal it doesn’t leave much choice, especially if you can’t afford to buy the “Elite” brands

    • Do we honestly think the government, any Australian government is allowing this money to fund terrorism?? That’s the conclusion people are jumping to.

    • that is what these people are saying, that ASIO and our Government are incompetent, there is no way they allow funding for terrorist groups..I agree the Government is incompetent so an inquiry would be good

    • Yes bring it on. I believe people will believe what they want, but seriously??? I know our country has got a lot wrong with it, but this??? And people who voted for this government are saying this????????? Really people. Just my opinion!

    • Aussies are made up of many diverse and rich cultures but halal certification must stop because many religions cannot eat foods blessed in the name of a god false to their religion. If we have to respect the beliefs of Islam then we must also respect the beliefs of all religions and cultures of Australia. Ritual slaughter is very cruel to the animals and should be stopped, as a nation we should be above such cruelty. Isn’t that why the live trade to Indonesia was halted for a period? Farmers and Pastoralists are still trying to recover from that.

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      • We are `NOT living in Islamic Country .For goodness sake -what is going on!

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        • Excellent point, although some some Sydney suburbs are indeed Muslim communities. I have had the sad experience of living in one.

    • I don’t see what that has to do with the fact that Aussies are saying the money is being used for terrorism. This is what’s unbelievable.

    • I’m sorry I thought we lived in Australia !!! Did we turn into a Islamic country while I was asleep ??
      Why is any of this happening ? Halal ??? I’m no interested ! Dont I have choices in my own country any more ? We fund mosques and Muslim schools $ 40,000,00 a year ? We are
      Paying for this certification A RELIGIOUS PRACTICE From Muslims ? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS ??
      This is just plain wrong , we are Australians that means freedom of choice , That’s what our soldiers fought for , OUR FREEDOM . I don’t care what they do ! but Im not one of them and should not have to pay for it, we have been fooled AGAIN ! They are trying to turn us into a Islamic country .

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      • No offence but “they” are taking over this country by stealth. They used to talk about fifth columnist in our midst has nothing compared to what is going. The bleeding hearts and our pollies say that we are raciest, bigots, even if we have a valid objection as to what they are doing to this country. Now company’s are being charged a fee for a that certificate. I seem to recall that we were exporting to “other country’s” in the past without that certificate. So now one individual has come with the idea that we need his certificate at a hefty price. I guess he is laughing all the way to the bank and this government does nothing but make a lot of noise for research that wastes time and money.

    • Fran you keep saying this Government!it appears that it is several decades since Halal was first introduced. I think this is almost treason,to the person or persons, responsible for first introducing this tax. It must stop! All the companies must stop paying this also. And stand up and be counted.

    • Molly, I did say this or any other government. I don’t think we need halal, stickers, tax or anything else personally, but I don’t think we are funding terrorism with it.

    • Agree Fran, people seem to like sensationalising instead of looking at reality. I don’t believe the Halal Certification process is funding terrorism either. Australia is now a multicultural country, get over it, isn’t that what we tell the aboriginals!

    • But why are we paying the tax?
      If I need or want something different then I pay for it, I don’t expect the rest of Australia to pay for it.

    • To be honest…. Who really knows what the money is used for once it goes overseas? For all I know it could be used to fund the mullahs lavish lifestyles!

    • Try looking at the shop front book shops that have been found in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide the have now been linked to the boys who put together the last lot of plans for the bombs they were going to let off, these were part of the places helped by the halal money.

      1 REPLY
      • But they keep telling us that they have nothing to do with terrorism. Then other family members go to overseas to join ISIS or some other death cult.

    • Wake up Fran Spears . Why should we be paying for a certification that has no benefits for australian citizens . If you opened your eyes franchise Spears it’s nothing more than a scam that fools like you are willing to pay without ever wondering why

    • I have been called lots of things Eddy, including a fool, so you are not original. But as I always say, we are all entitled to our opinion, the difference with me is, I don’t go out to be nasty to others with mine. You have a nice afternoon now. 🙂

    • some of these comments have given me a migraine..I think you were brave even posting on this Fran, I run the other way, they get so abusive..cheers Fran.

    • Thank you Libbi. I’m sure Eddy and other nice people like him on SAS don’t mean to be hateful and rude. 😉

    • We pay all sorts of taxes. Some we probably don’t know anything about and yes, some probably have something to do with someone’s religion. I am not a racist of any sort. I believe there are good and bad in every race. I am allowed my opinion though and today must be pick on Fran Day so go right ahead. I am not mean, nasty or a bigot. I don’t care what clothes people wear and I don’t care if women want to wear a burqa because of religion or because they just like it. I do care if they wear it to go into a bank or a courtroom because no-one is allowed to wear a helmet in a bank or courtroom if you can’;t see their faces. One rule for all. I don’t care what religion you are, if you don’t hurt anyone. I don’t hear you all jumping up and down because we pay taxes and religions don’t have to. Are you jumping up and down so much when women are being raped and murdered daily? Use your energy for things that are REALLY happening. Bring on an inquiry I say, that way you may not be so irrational.

    • Oh dear Fran, it is NOT racist to hate a religion. What world do you live in. You need to wake up really quickly.

  3. Yes, but because I suspect it will find a lot of the more outrageous claims put out by the anti halal movement are plain garbage. However fanatics never let the truth stand in the way of their claims. It will be interesting to see the outcome. Till then I won’t let halal certification stop me buying a product. The export market is too valuable for Australia to stop halal certification.

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    • shutting down an industry because we cant export to an Islamic country hardly helps Australia. the cost of halal certification is minor.

    • Thank you for supporting terrorism Barbara, and BTW I am not a fanatic, I just took the blinkers off, it is happening here in NZ too and it is their way to world domination. Have no desire to wear a burqua at all,

    • Carol Anderson, how dare you accuse anyone of that.. Barbara is supporting Australian job..Australian companies make these products..thank you Barbara

    • I do place some trust in our laws and financial rules within Australia and our intelligence services. There is no evidence that halal certification finances terrorism. Yes I do know that a link was found overseas. In light of that I would expect even closer scrutiny in Australia. Carol Anderson you can believe what you like but personally I need real evidence before I would contemplate boycotting halal. The size of the export market to Islamic countries cannot be ignored why damage that without absolute evidence of a problem.

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      • Barbara, you are confusing two separate issues here. One is halal meat.Which most of our abattoirs now practise this form of slaughter. Our export of beef into countries requiring halal slaughter meat is around 8%. The second issue is companies are paying to halal certify products that in no way shape or form require this.For example – cat food – milk – honey- nuts the list goes on and on. These products can be exported with out fear of upsetting those of the Islamic faith.The problem is by paying for accreditation for these ‘other products’ ensures the additional cost is passed onto consumers. The ‘fees’ obtained are of no benefit to those that are paying it, and instead goes into the pockets of those running the ‘business’ From the Dubai Chamber of Commerce has recently estimated the halal market could be worth up to $1.6 trillion dollars by 2018.That’s a huge amount of money that is not accounted for.

    • Barbara you simply do not know the extent of what is happening under your nose. The court case will mainly address where these certification funds are going. By the way it is in the billions of dollars and it IS out of hand. Why indeed would you damage the export market-trouble is Halal is now on chocolate, salt, baked beans, flour and rice… These products do NOT NEED Halal certification! They can easily be removed….MONEY, money, and more money for what?

  4. We need to know the truth.
    Why is it tax free? Where does the money go? Why do we need it? Etc.

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    • We don’t “need” it but for companies who trade in Asia it’s essential. If they have to either lose that market or have separate products for the smaller Australian market, commodities are going to cost us even more.

    • I dont believe that Rosemary. I see what you are saying but not sure why you think the commidities would cost more. Make the Halal label front and centre on the products and let the buyer make that decision.

    • John, if the market gets smaller they either go out of business altogether or the products rise in cost (or they stop being available to us in Australia and our choices diminish). I’m quite happy for the enquiry, and, if it establishes that the funds are not being misdirected, then I could’t care less about Halal, or kosher or any other damn thing that doesn’t affect the taste or quality of my food.

    • They should be paying GST and tax on their certifications, all other businesses have to do so.

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      • Agreed, but then they claim it is religious (tax free) on anything and everything that is not from a pig or has blood in it.

    • Never heard the Jewish community going off about goods being Kosher, in fact they don’t make any trouble that I am aware of at all!

    • Miriam the wording of the question by SAS mentions Kosher….”So if the inquiry finds that nothing is wrong with Halal and in fact, this religious certification is just like Kosher, or for that matter, non-religious and is just like organic, is there any harm in having it? ” . Kosher food is not so widely distributed for sale here, otherwise I don’t doubt there would be complaints about THAT too (or are we all just Islam haters????)

    • kosher killing is just as horrible as halal its not any differnt, my late hubby worked in an abbatoir and the hardend slaughterman chased the bloody rabbi out he just escaped in the nick of time from the way they kill animals sheer and utter torture ! they slice every skin section while the beast is fully concience and socalled pray, bloody bastards they are , well he was told to go or they kill him!

  5. I see a lot of stuff on the net about Halal, no facts just all seem to hysteria, the food has nothing added to it that could harm you.. I don’t suppose an inquiry can hurt

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  6. Just get rid of the labels, we don’t need them here. Why waste more money on an inquiry.

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    • Labelling of Halal foods gives us a CHOICE, something the Islamic federation dont actually want us to have. It is so underhand

    • We won’t have any choice once all food is Halal certified

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