Carrie Bickmore blasted for calling co-host a ‘w*****’ on LIVE TV 34

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Carried Bickmore is facing the wrath of viewers of The Project after she called co-host Steve Price a ‘w*****’ during the show’s live broadcast on Monday, August 22.

Her brash comment came after journalist Price said he wouldn’t have any problem spending $3,000 on a truffle.

WARNING: Contains swearing

One social media user compared Bickmore’s use of the word with Price’s recent appearance in the media for calling a woman ‘hysterical’, saying “So @BickmoreCarrie calls @StevePriceMedia a w*****, no one bats an eye. He calls a woman hysterical and they loses (sic) their minds”.

Read more: ‘You’re just being hysterical.’

Many social media users were outraged that Bickmore’s verbals were overshadowed by the change in her hair colour, with one user saying “Carrie Bickmore just called Steve Price a W*****. Bam! That’s what we should talk about more than her hair colour”.

Others just highlighted their disappointment and lack of professionalism from the desk anchor.

However, while many were dissing the mother-of-two (soon to be three) for her inappropriate comment, other fans were quick to jump to her defence.

What do you think?

Was there anything inappropriate about what Carrie Bickmore said to Steve Price? Should we expect a higher standard from those in the public eye?

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  1. people can say “F” Tony Abbot , wear T shirts and have them published, carrie can call a bloke a wanker on national TV however as soon as you say anything about a woman or an aboriginal you are going to go down. Whats with the double standards of today. The media rule the country and the do gooders support them.

    1 REPLY
    • Well said and VERY true.
      Time we got over the BS of double standards.

  2. Steve price is a wanker. A few more adjectives would be appropriate, (like fn big). Get over it.

  3. I am 61 and wanker was never regarded as a ‘swear’ word. Those that are offended change the channel because the rest of us enjoy watching the news presented differently

    3 REPLY
    • I agree – “wanker” isn’t a swear word – especially when used in reference to Steve Price! If a bloke had said it, no-one who have raised an eye-brow! Leave the woman alone and get a life, you bunch of wankers!

    • What planet are you on? Wanker has always been a swear world.

    • Wanker is a term that literally means “one who wanks (masturbates)”.

      To me at 67, that is foul language and reflects more on the user than the abused!

  4. Mmmm….and nor was “hysterical” n look how much crap Steve got when he said it….it’s just strange she can get away with it but he gets lambasted from everyone….one minute women want equality then the next it seems they want to be treated differently….curiouser n curiouser

    2 REPLY
    • Please don’t start the old ‘ women want equality but blah, blah, blah’ crap again. Go home to your mum, she’ll still love you!

  5. People… get a grip on the REAL WORLD. Go to a hotel & listen to language. Wanker is just so tame !

  6. wanker

    Carrie Bickmore you owe an apology seeing that you took to Steve PRICE for calling a female hysterical

    Britishvulgar slang

    noun: wanker; plural noun: wankers a contemptible person (used as a generalized term of abuse).

    1 REPLY
    • It’s all about context. BTW Steve Price is a wanker. Thinks he can do no wrong. He’s also a bore.

      2 REPLY
      • Totally agree Mareela & others who say Steve Price IS a Wanker. Go Carrie!! BTW ” Wanker ” is NOT a swear word, just a bit vulgar in certain circles.
        The people who are so offended & horrified by Carrie’s use of the term Wanker should tune into ABC Radio any week day. You’ll hear that word & more vulgar expressions from the presenters on most days of the week.
        Just “chill ” people & have a listen to your own children & grandchildren before you condemn Carrie Bickmore for telling it like it is.

  7. No class…. Where is our language heading? There seems to be a corroding of standards.

    1 REPLY
    • Why worry about language on a TV show, worry about the corrupt Government and a lying bunch of criminals at that,just listen to the gutter language they use in Parliament.

  8. Get over it worse things have been said and no action take against the person who said it.

  9. No harm done given Carrie is a loopy left wing wanker herself, I’m sure she wouldn’t be offended by me saying that.

    1 REPLY
    • Hi Pete I’m sure she wouldn’t as you are no doubt a loopy rightoid wanker.

  10. I carried on reading down and the next comment was Classic Beef Stroganoff. Made more sense.

  11. What I’d like to know is why this site decided to put asterisks instead of just putting the word wanker. This seems to be a growing trend. Is it copied from the USA? When did wanker become a terrible swear word? It’s not c**t, or even f*ck, so why the astericks?

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