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Last night on QandA, two leading ladies of Australia came to heads as Gillian Triggs and Bronwyn Bishop had a very interesting conversation. Some people are calling it bizarre the way the two ladies were speaking to one another and have actually accused Bishop of attacking Triggs. However, it seems as though their story isn’t one that has started recently.

Speaking on the ABC show that was broadcast from Parliament House in Canberra, Ms Bishop said Professor Triggs needed to decide if she was to be a statutory officer or a political figure, after Professor Triggs released a damning report into children in detention after the Abbott government got into power.

“Gillian, if I can say, that report of yours was seen by many, including me, as one that was, if it was to be done, should have been done under the previous Government when there were 2000 children [in detention] but you chose to do it afterwards and that made it very political,” Ms Bishop said.

“It has made you a very political figure. Therefore, you are subject to criticism,” she said.

Professor Triggs shot back, saying if the Commission was not critical of the government, the public would then demand of her resignation.

“My position is not a political one,” Professor Triggs said. “We work according to the law at the Australian Human Rights Commission and we try to ensure that our evidence is accurate and well-founded. Unfortunately, of course, many of our findings and recommendations are interpreted in political ways.

“I’m afraid, in the human rights context, it is very hard not to be perceived to be political and that is really something we have to manage. I can certainly assure the Australian people that the Human Rights Commission operates in a very neutral way and we operate on the basis of the rule of law”.

Any Australian is well clued on to the Labor party’s position on Bishop and it was the Labor party who even publicly accused her of being biased towards the Liberal party.

It would seem that these two ladies aren’t new rivals, but we sure are interested about this latest confrontation…

Tell us, who did you support on QandA? Who do you support out of Triggs and Bishop? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Bishop was looking to justify the Liberals extraordinary, denigrating attack on Triggs. Triggs is, and was, operating within the Law appropriate for Human Rights. Kudos to Triggs for not buckling. Hear, Hear Triggs. Keep up the pressure. We need to ensure we treat others who are less fortunate with dignity as is their right.

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    • How can she be within the law when she colluded with Bowen & Burke and LIED about it at the Inquiry. She is annoyed she got found out. She has such a hide , taking $900K to LIE. Labor through & through, At least Bronwyn has ethics

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    • well said Dawn, Triggs is the most political person in office and should be booted out – she’s an embarassment.

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    • If Bronwyn had ethics the expulsions from parliament would be a little less biased than 300 to 5. As Gillian said on the show last night, she would not be doing her job if the government liked everything she said.

    • Typical liberal supporter condone bribing criminals but attacking anybody who stands up for those unable to speak for themselves.

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      • Kevin. Find the facts before you comment mate. The Krudd signed off on a $21 million deal in 2009 with the Australian Crimes Authority to be paid to Indonesian people smugglers for information regarding the trade. The lousy $35K allegedly paid out this time around is peanuts. That wouldn’t cover the cost to process 1 asylum seeker for a week. Typical , “grab at anything” Labor bias .Cheers

    • Kevin Chapman bribing criminals? Where did all the $11,000,000,000 go? Not drowned at sea with the 1200 or so that the “humane Labor and Greens lured here? You all saw what Triggs did and said? You would have seen or seen transcripts of the Senate enquiry. She should have been dismissed then.

    • Fortunately Joe Logan idiots like our current government cannot dismiss Gillian Triggs. They can only choose to not renew her in the position when her term expires. For this we should all be grateful otherwise there would be a bloodbath at each change of government.

  2. Gillian Triggs was by far the most believable !

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    • Gillian triggs is protecting law, the vulnerable and human rights.
      Bronwyn Bishop attacks with no authenticity

  3. Bronwyn Bishop, aka Tony Abbott’s mouthpiece. She’s an embarrassment as Speaker of the House and was no less so last night on QandA.

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    • Gillian Triggs is a “lawya of 45 yerze”. The Abbott Govt has shown weakness not to have had her sacked months ago. The ABC bias is officially now out of control. I couldn’t bear to watch her on Q&A. Her credibility is zero.

    • Joe Logan you obviously do not understand the role of the Human Rights Commission, nor the structure of government in Australia.

    • Ah, Joe, fortunately the government can’t sack her, and for very good reason, she is the ONLY one calling this appalling government to count. ‘Ol Kerosene Bishop doesn’t like not being in control 😉 Nasty old woman, she is.

    • Gillian Triggs is a Policy Officer and she holds all governments accountable and is A-political in her role, unlike Bronwyn Bishop, who tried to turn it into a political thing last night on Q&A. She made the same reports and recommendations when Labour was in power. Bronwyn definitely had her nose put out of joint last night.

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    • Then WHY didn’t she hold the labor government accountable ? You have to ask why she waited to introduce this report on the LNP . No she didn’t make those reports to labor . Why now ? Was it to make it seem like the LNP were to blame , as the ALP don’t do any thing so badly ( history does not agree ) again ? Ms twiggs needs to have a long hard look at herself on this issue .

    • Pity she didn’t call the red head to account Kathy . Maybe we wouldn’t have been in so much debt , maybe she would not have been allowed to waste our hard earned tax dollars . Everyone has a boss , she can be sacked don’t worry about that . And before you grissle about her being in human rights , not politics ( that’s a laugh on its own ) how about our human rights , why are they ignored .why don’t we have a say .
      The 2000 kids in detention when LABOR were in office ! Their parents did that not our government .

    • We all know what Triggs did, we all can see the Senate enquiry where she made a fool of herself. She didn’t collude, then she did- saw armed guards? Razor wire? Proven false. She is an old leftie who wouldn’t have earned a non taxpayer dollar in her ” 45 yerze”.

    • The HRC has been so trashed, the $25million to fund it, should be withdrawn. She has little power at all, and her bias is beyond the pale.

  4. Gillian Triggs I watched her last night on Q&A and she was magnificent, the whole audience supported her and so do I

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    • We. Certainly can see where your loyalties lie. Gillian Triggs lied to the inquiry when she said that she had not spoken with any Labour Party appointee. Then had to admit she had met with both Bowen & Burke. She said that the guards at camps were armed, they are not and had to admit again under oath that she lied so on & so on

  5. BB looks and acts like a coffee scroll. Locked in 60’s time warp like the others. I can’t bear to watch them anymore.

  6. Triggs – hands down. She has integrity!

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    • She lied to the Inquiry under oath, and didn’t like it when she got caught out. She colluded with Bowen & Burke as to timing of Inquiry after letter in March 2013 from Drs demanding action. The children were not too important THEN , waited a year to ask for Inquiry She admitted this last night, BUT said didn’t know which Govt would be in power, so best leave it till after election. I suppose if Labor had got in there would have been no Inquiry.

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      • Dawn, Dawn, Dawn. If you’d actually watched Q & A, you would have seen she also criticised the Labor Government as well so unknot your knickers. Professor Triggs is a smart woman of integrity, just doing her job. Too bad if you don’t like it. It’s so refreshing to hear someone speak with integrity these days. With this government, we’re drowning in manure.

    • Evidence Dawn Bruce? For your information, she doesn’t have to ask for an inquiry. Inquiring is her job! And you obviously didn’t listen to her saying that she could not know which major party would win the election. And further my girl, they’ve both got children’s blood on their hands, metaphorically that is. Seems to me you might have a hearing and vision disorder. Perhaps it’s wise to check it out

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  7. Bronwyn Bishop treated Gillian Triggs with disdain, she spoke down to her, but Gilllian delighted me and the audience by turning the cards, Gillian spoke quietly and with authority she put Bishop in her place. The audience erupted with cheers. Gillian has the public’s support

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    • For starters the public do not necessarily support Prof. Triggs because that has not been decided. Secondly, Bronwyn Bishop is a polarising figure at best. She has an unfortunate air of superiority but a recent Kitchen Cabinet episode showed her as otherwise. Thirdly, the QandA studio audience would be heavily skewed in favour of Triggs because it would be heavily skewed against Bishop. Now had, Julie Bishop been on the show the outcome may well have been different.

    • Jim, Libbi isn’t the only one, with this mob running the country, who wouldn’t ???? It was such a great show, I’ll be watching the repeat tomorrow, just in case I missed anything lol

  8. Triggs is a person with integrity and says it as she has found the evidence as required in her role. Unfortunately the government did not like the truth that Australia due to policy is currently working outside the law and human rights. Shame

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    • But Labor also worked outside the law, for years, That was OK was it 2000 kids in Sept 2013 You must be joking about Labor protecting kids

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