Turn your photos into works of art instantly and for free

There are a million ways to manipulate your photos online and offline. There are billions of filters you can apply to get the cool look that you are after. Some of these bits of software can cost a lot of money especially if all you want is a funky new profile pic for your social media page.

While it might be marking some The Terminator-like end of days, artificial intelligence is getting better and better by the day. However, when it’s used for your entertainment, it can be a lot of fun. There is a new Twitter bot (automatic program) that will convert any image you tweet to it into a work of art.

Neural Painter uses a neural network technology that allows it to mimic the human brain and in this instance, paint images to look like the works of art of famous artists. There is a paid version that you can use that will really make some amazing pieces of art.

But if you want to have a quick laugh and a play all you need is a photo and a Twitter account. Once in your twitter account tweet @neuralpainter, attach your photo, and use a hashtag for the style you want. We had a play to show you the styles you can use.

Named after Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky, this was the favourite of the office. Taking a simple picture of chocolate…

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And turning it into a piece of abstract art that would look great in any home.


Mimicked after French Post-Impressionist Georges Seurat this will add a touch of class to any photo.


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Styled after one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous works, this filter will make your image look like it was painted by the Dutch Post-Impressionist himself.


This style is based on a painting and not an artist. It’s based on the masterpiece The Great Wave off Kanagawa and we think it adds a touch of class to even the silliest picture.


Another style based on a painting by Francis Picabia this style is super colourful.

NP_edtaonislGive it a try for yourself and share your results. It’s good fun.