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IKEA is about to become more than an affordable homewares company – the Swedish furniture giant has recently unveiled a new plan to introduce wireless charging pads on their furniture. Soon you will be able to charge your mobile devices wirelessly by placing them on a fitted charging spot on your desk.

At a time in history where mobile devices like smart phones and tablets already infiltrate our lives, what will happen when you can simply place your phone on your countertop to charge? Is it even safe? Brain cancer has had a surge of diagnoses over the last 20 years and a recent study showed that when people used a mobile phone for 50 minutes, brain tissues on the same side of the head as the phone’s antenna metabolised more glucose than did tissues on the opposite side of the brain. With this evidence, what will the increased risk be if our furniture is emitting these signals?

The line called “Home Smart” will include lamps, bedside tables, coffee table, as well as, individual charging pads for other surfaces. It integrates the Qi wireless charging technology into these special charging pads on the furniture and will be launched in North America and Europe in April.

IKEA’s plan to join forces with the technology sector is a means to break into the new younger generation market who seek immediacy and are attached to their mobile devices at all times. Do you think we needed this added convenience in our life? Is it really necessary to have a charging spots always “on” and active next to us?


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What do you think of this new phone charging technology? Would you consider buying this new line of furniture for your home? Share with us below. 

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  1. I would be worried about them being close to the head. I know the jury is out on whether Smart Phones can cause brain tumours, but to me one plugged in near your head would be a worry. Research has already shown sleep patterns are disrupted by devices that are left next to the bed or on the pillow, so there’s something definitely going on there.

  2. I refuse to buy IKEA. They are ripping us off by only paying about a tenth of company tax while Aussie companies have to pay full tote odds. And they take all their profits back to Sweden.

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