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It seems the rest of the world is finally waking up and understanding that over 60s are a big group of people and that over 60s are out there – in a big way! Yesterday Chief Executive Officer of David Jones said that they have a new strategy aimed at reaching over 60s.

This involves reducing prices, having more private-label clothing and changing the marketing to connect with those who are “close to retirement age”.

For so long fashion has been difficult for the older demographic. Very few organisations saw it as being profitable, very few saw it as being something that we’re interested in. But the truth is that we are interested in it, in a very big way and it can be profitable for businesses because hey, we make up a massive section of the Australian population and we have more disposable income than any other demographic!

For a long time David Jones has been the place we go if we want to splash some cash, but this new strategy promises to lower prices and make some of their in house brands more affordable – perfect for anyone living the retired life!

So tell us, will you be shopping here when they start their new campaigns? Are you proud to see older people being recognised as a valuable target market and recognised for the economic power we actually have? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. As long as the garments are fashionable and don’t resemble something my mother used to wear i’ll be there 🙂

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    • I’m with you Glenda, I don’t want to “look” like a granny- just because I am one!

  2. I definitely would but they have to put sleeves in tops and dresses which are more flattering to the over 60’s and maybe shift dresses to suit a more mature figure.

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    • Totally agree with you

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      • Yes! Trying to get tops that have sleeves but still cool for summer is like looking for hen’s teeth.

    • Totally agree with the sleeveless thing. It’s time! As for D.J’s, we don’t have one in my home city, so I rarely shop in the “Capital” for clothes anyway!

  3. so more cheap clothing pouring in from third world countries …just what we need ..

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    • Well unfortunately all of us are not blessed with sufficient income to allow us to sneer at clothing coming in from overseas….that is if we want to wear clothes and as most of us are not nudists we have to take the cheaoer option…oh and word to the wise most of the very expensive high fashion labels are nade iverseas as well.

    • step on down off your high horse dear …personally I dress great via the opp shops…..my comment was in regards to cheap shoddy garments flooding this country …paying people a pittance to sit at machines all day …working in sub human conditions …using dyes for these clothes which poison the waterways down stream from these factories of hell …

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      • Yes, you may buy from a seconds shop and where did those clothes come from? Sweat Shops?

  4. David Jones is a very expensive place to shop, i will reserve judgement until i see what their idea of lowering prices is and how they think somebody who’s over sixty should dress.

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