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Who here likes to wear wedges? I know I do!

Long gone are the days of teetering heels for me although I will whip out a pair when I am going to a black tie affair or to an event where I know that I will be sitting down for the majority of the time!

Sandals that are too flat give me sore arches – but again I will wear them but not for a prolonged period of time.

The best for me is a small to medium heel or a pair of wedges.  Here are a few of our favourite wedges right now that are worth checking out!

Why are wedges great?

  • They look good
  • Your weight is distributed more evenly across the foot.
  • They are comfortable
  • They are easy to walk in
  • They provide a stable base for your foot to give you good balance
  • They will make you appear taller and leaner


18102016 WEDGES 1


Mollini malish nude wedge – perfect for your next special occasion.

Available here

Sofia Cruz espadrille – this sling-back wedge will take you everywhere and comes in a variety of colours!

Available here

Gammins aurazi bright multi wedge – gorgeous colours, also available in blue.

Available here

Top End hulk orange wedge – Just because it is comfortable doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too!

Available here

Millers catherine wedge – very smart!

Available here



Do you like to wear wedges? Which is your favourite style above?



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  1. love the molinni but who stocks them? wouldn’t buy them online in case they didn’t fit.

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