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Where can I find the best Christmas Crackers? I am looking for something a bit different this year – Anne Kelly


An integral part of every Australian Christmas are the ubiquitous Christmas Crackers! I am sure all of you have a family photo somewhere where everyone is wearing one of those colourful paper hats!  To be honest – I can’t imagine Christmas without them!

Now you can pretty well buy them anywhere – from $2 shops to Christmas specialist stores – but what about something a little different? Let us inspire you with these great finds!

One bit of advice – don’t ever leave buying your crackers to the last minute! One year I did this and found they were sold out nearly everywhere I went! So get crackin’!




I have never seen these before!  They will be sure to get the family playing after lunch!

Cluedo Christmas Crackers

Available here

Monopoly Christmas Crackers

Available here




Fun Christmas Crackers

Available here

Striped Mini Christmas Crackers – these are one of my favourites!  Not only are they a great price, but the glass tags inside make a very festive & practical gift!

Available here

Candy Tag Christmas Crackers

Available here

Mode Dogs Christmas Crackers

Available here





Dotty Chocolate Gingerbread Christmas Crackers

Available here

Sequinned fruit ladies deluxe Christmas Crackers – these are the ultimate luxury cracker!

Available here

David Jones silver and black snowflake Christmas Crackers

Available here

Luxury red flocked flake Christmas Crackers

Available here






Angels music box Christmas Crackers – I absolutely love these too!  The whole family will be singing carols together!

Available here

At the Beach Christmas Crackers

Available here

Gingerbread House children’s chef set Christmas Crackers – this is perfect if you love to cook with your grandkids!

Available here

Santa Christmas Crackers

Available here


Anne – thank you for asking this! You have helped me find the perfect ones for our table!


Tell us – which ones are your favourites? Where do you generally buy your crackers?


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  1. I made mine a few years ago. I bought a Christmas cracker kit (10 crackers in each kit) from Smiggles and added my own treasures. I added a $1 scratchie, some chocolate money and a few other things. They were very easy to make and you could add trinckets that matched each person.

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