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“Does anyone have tips for the summer regarding pants? For example, I find three quarter pants cut you in half and it can be too hot for full length pants”

Janet La-raine Delacroix



Summer pants can be a tricky one. The most important thing to look for with summer pants is that they are cool enough to wear in an Australian summer.

I would recommend a linen, cotton or a viscose fabric. Avoid anything hot like polyester.

With the ¾ pant, ensure that they are more of a 7/8 pant – that finishes closer to the ankle and does not cut you off at the widest part of your leg. You most certainly can go for something full length, just keep it relaxed and cool. With a more relaxed style, you can go for a great crinkle fabric. Patterns in this style are good too.


Country Road linen pocket detail pant

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Adrift san juan pant in navy

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Adrift eden pant in ocean

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Country Road 3/4 sateen pant

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Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. I love Katies.

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    • me to Fran, the clothing is modern and not to expensive, especially if you buy on sale 🙂

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      • I bought a pair of white pants at Katie’s on the weekend and they were a slimmer, more fashionable leg. I’m sure they had them in other colours because I nearly bought a navy pair as well and they were only $39.95. The tag said ‘Katie’s Classic Pant’ and they are great. I wear long slacks all through summer and I live in Central Queensland. My legs are well past being seen in a skirt or shorts. Not my best feature 🙂

  2. For the past few summers Suzanne Grae have had a classic linen pant in wanted colours at a reasonable price. Very cool and comfortable and now have a few pairs in the wardrobe.

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    • You have to iron Linen so that is a no no for me , the thought of ironing in the heat of summer is a turn off

  3. Loose and natural fabrics is the way to go if you are too hot. I live in the subtropics and my favourite pants are bamboo fabric. So light and easy to wear with a partial stretch waist band. They was well and dry quickly. I only ever wear cotton, silk or bamboo, I couldn’t stand man made fabrics in the heat. And to answer the question in the title bar “How do I wear summer pants?” I say, same as winter pants ie put one leg in first, followed by the second and then pull them up. Good to go!

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  4. I think this navy pair are an old fashioned length especially for summer.
    Other 3 pairs are fine. Capris and long shorts for me.

  5. I hate 3/4 pant as they’re so unflattering. Those coming to right on or just below your knee are much more flattering on everyone. And unless you have great looking ankles even those 7/8 styles don’t look good.

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  6. who cares, as long as they are comfortable and are not designer labels. Fruit, it you have elephant trunk legs, don’t wear shorts – but if you have bean pole legs, wear 3/4 pants- at the end of the day the only person who cares is you. so if you don’t care – wear what you like and feel happy doing so!

  7. I love crop pants because I am only 4’11” they are full length on me Personally I hope they never go out of fashion

  8. Sorry ladies, but I would not be seen dead in any of these. There are so many much more flattering and stylish ‘fits’ in stores. There are shops which cater to we olde women. Not all are expensive!

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