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My tummy is the one part of my body that I always want to disguise. Why? Well for a start I do NOT have a washboard stomach! Or a six pack! Or a flat tummy in any sense of the word.

Thankfully we are not alone in our style dilemmas. No one needs to know that you have an issue with your tummy because Starts at 60 Style is going to show you how to dress to minimise its fullness!

Here are our top tips:

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Wear the correct undergarments – no bikini undies; wear a full brief. Find garments with built-in tummy control. Ensure that your underwear fits you correctly. Do consider trying shapewear for special occasions as it can really transform how you look in something fitted. I don’t recommend wearing shapewear on an everyday basis as it would not be comfortable or any good for your digestion!

Avoid wearing any clothes that are too tight – they will show up every lump and bump! Tight tops will emphasise your tummy – you don’t want to do that! Choose clothes that will skim the body and not hold onto it in all the wrong places.

Layering is your best friend – I find that if you wear a cami with a bit of spandex as your base – this will hold your tummy in just a tad and will make you feel firmer. From here add the top you want to wear, followed by another layer like an open shirt/jacket/cardi/wrap.

Try to create vertical lines over the belly area – with an open shirt or cardi, a long necklace, a cleverly placed scarf.


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Avoid thin, clingy fabrics – Choose fabrics with body.

Focus on your assets – draw attention away from your tummy. Wear something with an interesting neckline. Wear some fabulous accessories. Highlight what you want to show off!

Avoid Empire Lines – as they can emphasise a belly! You don’t want your tummy looking even bigger than it is!


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Wear long-line tops or tunics back to slim fitting pants. Leggings are brilliant back to a full long top.

Long line cardis and waterfall styles.

Try wearing a long line vest.

Look for garments with draping or ruching across the tummy area.

Avoid bulk around the tummy area – lots of bulky fabric, chunky belts, thick waistbands.

Avoid low waisted garments as they will only emphasise your tummy and create a dreaded muffin top!

A stylish kaftan can also work wonders!

Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. I enjoyed the article but when you are short like myself I get self conscious about myself when I try something different I am 152 centimeters and 79 Kgs and 80 years old? do you have any suggestions

  2. Not about to read an article on women’s clothing, but a question: Are you lassies being a bit oversensitive? What with life, babies, age, health and all the other factors that have an effect on your tummies, surely a bit of change to shape is to be expected. Within reason, it need not make you any less attractive. Random thought from ‘Mere Male.’

    5 REPLY
  3. they are very nice ( there is always a but ) when you are very short …that’s a lot of material flapping about …

  4. I’d like to see the series suiting a lady with no waist. I have no tummy but no waistline either and have no big bum. I have long legs, large feet. Basically boyish figure. No-one ever does clothing styles for us.

  5. Sarah although I’m 5 years younger than myself I too am short and round. I just cut my leggings/jeggings or slim legged pants off bit or work. Not all drapy things are Long so keep your eye out at Millers. Even straight edge cardies as they call them are a bit longer on us but still do the job and give us a smooth line. Good on you for wanting to stay stylish. I also mostly wear low heeled wedge ankle length boots in winter.

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