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As we get a little older our hair starts to change. It can thin out, change texture, get drier and above all go grey. Our facial features change too. You may start to find that the hairstyle you sported in your 40s will no longer suit you.

You would be surprised how your hair can impact your life. If your hair looks fantastic, you will feel fantastic. We believe all women deserve to look and feel their best – and here at Starts at 60 Style we think you should start at the top (of your head that is!)

Here are our favourite haircuts and styling tips to give you your most flattering hair yet!


The Pixie

This style is perfect for ladies who want to highlight their face and who have fine hair. Keep it soft and fun!

styling wax

V05 styling wax

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The Blunt Bob

This hairstyle is perfectly suited to ladies with fine to medium hair. Keep it sleek and shiny.

moroccan oil

Moroccan Oil original oil treatment

Available here


The Shag

This is perfect for those with medium to thick hair. Keep it soft, fun and full of movement.


Freestyle self grip velcro rollers 48mm 3pack

Available here


Cropped Bob

Perfect for all types of hair. The rounder your face, the longer the length is best. Keep this soft with tousled layers. This is definately one of my favourite styles as it is very flattering.

radial brush

Lady Jayne ceramic radial brush

Available here


Choppy Lob

This style is terrific for everyone. This lob is a very flattering style – especially if you have a round face. The layers create movement and keep you looking young.


L’Oreal Paris Elnett satin supreme hold volume hairspray

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Soft Side Part

Centre parts can be harsh. Side soft parts are much more flattering. They also help to highlight your cheekbones.


Soft around the face

You know it’s funny: I read somewhere that as you get older you have to choose between ‘bangs or botox’! Seriously? Well I will say one thing: having your hair soft around your face will make you look younger. It softens your features and it will also help protect the skin on your forehead from the damaging effects of the sun. Framing your face is always a much kinder look than having your hair scraped harshly back from your face, highlighting all blemishes.

We hope you have found these style tips useful. Your hair is important, so take care of it and enjoy it!


Which of these is your favourite hairstyle?  Can you see it working for you?

Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. I’m a ‘neat and tidy’ person so these days, it’s a short hair cut for me. Judi Dench always looks so attractive – short, grey hair is much more flattering to an older woman.

  2. It is very hard to have those kind of cuts when you have wiry, curly hair. I get mine cut the same way all the time. That way if you get a different hairdresser she can just follow the cut. I wear it short as I think short hair is more flattering on an older person.

  3. Don’t like short styles on older women, like something soft around the face looks more feminine.

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  4. You must live in a strange world where not one woman was born with curly hair – unless they have had it professionally straightened, of course. If you lived in a climate like ours, you’d realise that having hair hanging around your face and neck is an agony. Those who persist always look bedraggled unless they live in an air-conditioned environment or have a hair stylist constantly on hand to fix it. I suppose my hairdo is really like Judy Dench’s. No fuss and no bother to look after. Thank goodness because there is so much more to life than – Perish the thought! – Velcro rollers and hairspray.

  5. Not a curly hair in sight, as usual! Seems like no-one knows what to do with coarse, dry, frizzy curly hair. I choose to wear it long and tie it back because if I cut it short it seems to lose the curl and just retain the frizz. Oh joy!!

    3 REPLY
    • I am lucky I guess no frizz just soft loose curls but have you tried deep conditioning it..wear the conditioner or oil to bed..wash it out th next day

    • Try Moroccan oil and a good conditioner. A colleague had frizz for years until adding a rub of Moroccan oil through after washing her hair. The difference is amazing. She now has curls rather than frizz.

    • That what I do Rob McGrath. It really doesn’t matter what shampoo you use but you must use a good conditioner and Moroccan Oil. That stuff is amazing. Whoever invented it needs a medal

  6. My hair is short and spikey on top. Done with the clippers at the hairdressers. Number 4 on the back and number 7 on top and sides. Spend 10-15 minutes getting a haircut these days. Dampen hair in the morning bit of gel spray and ready to go!

  7. I’ve always loved short hair and think Judi Dench looks amazing. I haven’t had long hair since I was 15. I think grey looks fantastic too. I’ve got natural grey highlights at the moment.

  8. I love my grey hair. Started back in my 30s, now over 70. Short. Curly.
    Regular cuts essential. Tame the curls. Find what suits you. And don’t colour it. Use the grey well.

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